Why I gave the capsule a chance

Believe it or not, but in the winter I mostly wore black, grey, and navy blue. I thought that the style looked put together, classy and minimalist mainly because I had thought that minimal colours equalled minimalism. It was clear that I needed a change and two things encouraged me to experiment with capsule wardrobes:

1) Shortly after the new year, my good friend had sent me a link to Into-Mind’s site outlining a 30-day minimalism challenge. We both decided that it was a great challenge and started chatting about our progress. I’ll admit that I didn’t get particularly far before wanting to jump down to #13 “Clean out your closet,” and it wasn’t long before I started reading the site’s capsule wardrobe 101.

2) Around the same time, I noticed that one of my close colleagues had started adhering to an up-casual style in gorgeous fabrics and colours. When I complimented her and asked her about her new style, she explained how she realized that she wanted a change and that it  was very easy for her to get ready in the morning if she had an uniform, also see Hook and Eye’s post about professional uniforms. My colleague’s uniform consisted of pants or jeans, a variety of silk or other luxurious tops, often finished with a long necklace with a pendant. While I lusted after her style, I realized that I could not mimic it, I needed to figure out my own style, and that I was particularly unhappy with my drab black, grey, and navy wardrobe and longed for the colours I tended to wear in the summer (my compromise had been pairing red lipstick with all of the dark colours I had been wearing).

The friend who sent me the minimalism challenge was very excited when I expressed the desire to explore the capsule wardrobe and offered to help me as I worked my way through my entire closet: I read extensively about capsule wardrobe planning, tried on every item of clothing in my closet, photographed myself wearing them, and then she helped me decide whether each item was a keeper or a loser (which I then donated). I got rid of a tonne of clothes and felt fantastic with my pared down closet, but I could not stop there.

I organized my closet by colour and while the blacks and navy blues stared me in the face, I also became aware of how many coloured items I loved that I had not been wearing.

Building my capsule I decided to push myself outside of my comfort zone building a spring capsule that involved a lot of separates (pants/skirts and tops combos) as well as injecting some of much needed colour.

And so I wore my spring capsule and catalogued it on instagram (@kala_not_kayla)!

I received feedback about outfits that I wasn’t sure “worked” and quickly realized what I liked and disliked about my spring capsule, keeping a running list of what I would do differently for the summer capsule, along with items that needed replacing (I will write about what I learned in my next post!), and here we are: I am going to launch my summer capsule on Saturday, so stay tuned!



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