2 suitcases

Travel Capsule: One Week, Eleven Items, Go!

Let me preface this post by saying, I hate travelling: I don’t love flying, or leaving my partner and pups, or eating all my meals at restaurants, or staying in university residences, but I do love the conferences I attend, and I love packing/dressing for them!

In the past I’ve taken my large hardshell suitcase anytime I travel (even if it was only for five days) and I always overpack and neglect some items I pack in favour of tried and true staples. So this time I decided to try to build a capsule travel wardrobe drawing on my summer capsule (launching tomorrow!). My first obstacle was, simply, that this is a new capsule; I haven’t worn any of the outfits before and I am not yet super familiar with my items (and how they work together). My second obstacle was that I decided to take only a small carry on suitcase, in addition to my beloved Fossil bag.

It took a lot of planning to make this work, but I am proud to say that I have one week’s worth of conference and casual clothes packed in these two bags (including my laptop)!

2 suitcases
My bags are packed, I’m ready to go!

I read a few capsule wardrobe travel blog posts before I started planning, such as Into-Mind, The Project 333, and The Nife en l’Air. The most useful planning tip for me was writing out each day and the activities I planned on doing (what Into-Mind calls “Dissect[ing] your travel plans”) in order to see if one outfit a day would do it (something that could go from conference wear to drinks) or if I needed two separate outfits, etc.

I realized that I needed four days of conference outfits (different outfits since I would be seeing the same people each day), three days of casual outfits, work out clothes (which I did not count towards my capsule*), and the clothes I would wear on my flight.

In order to minimize the number of items I would have to pack I tried to stick to a colour family (in this case cream and brights), and started planning based around my top two go-to outfits for conference wear. Then I tried to pick two other outfits from my capsule that would use items from the original two (casual or conference) and then rounded it out with a simple no-fuss sundress that I could shove in my Fossil bag and throw on when I land.

What I packed:

Travel Capsule Items
My sloppily folded travel capsule items!

1. Vero Moda Cream blazer // carried over from spring capsule **similar
2. H&M Yellow Dress // carried over from spring capsule **similar
3. Red pencil skirt from Pseudio // out of storage from last summer
4. Cream ruffle tank from Reitmans // carried over from spring capsule **similar
5. Banana Republic white dress // purchased for summer capsule **similar
6. Navy and white striped Blazigan from Only (boyfriend blazer/cardigan) // purchased for summer capsule
7. Beige and white polka dot Old Navy shorts // out of storage from last summer
8. Coral, black and white floral sundress from Ginger // out of storage from last summer
9. American Apparel leggings // carried over from spring capsule
10. Bestie Boys t-shirt from Old Navy // out of storage from last summer
11. Navy, red, pink, and white Banana Republic Dress // purchased for summer capsule **similar 

*12. Lululemon Boogie shorts
*13. Doctor Who tank top from Human
*14. Funkita swim suit **similar
*15. American Apparel highlighter zip-up hoodie // out of storage for summer

1. Pug scarf from etsyAslidedesign // purchased for summer capsule
2. pearl pendant necklace from The Vault // in my usual accessory rotation
3. Aldo statement necklace // purchased for summer capsule
4. Local artisan navy pendant on long chain // in my usual accessory rotation

1. Cream Aldo Loafers // carried over from spring capsule

Stay tuned this week for all of the outfits from my travel capsule! Also, how can I leave? Look at that face!

Mal in suitcase
Sorry bud! This is a tiny suitcase and I can’t fit you and all my clothes

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