Summer Capsule Day One: Yellow!

If you have been following me on instagram (@kala_not_kayla), you’ll know that today’s outfit is one that I carried over from my spring capsule and that I *love* it.

Yellow and Cream
Summer Capsule Day One // Travel Capsule Day One

The Dress
I got this dress at the end of last summer from H&M and wasn’t even going to try it on because it was bright yellow and, in my experience, yellow tends to make me look jaundiced. But not this yellow, it is more of a chartreuse and from the second I tried it on I was sold! The cut of the dress is super flattering and makes me feel like I have an hour-glass shape, rather than simply an inverted triangle. It soon became my power dress: Have an important meeting? Yellow dress. Giving a conference paper/ department talk? Yellow dress. Award ceremony? Yellow dress. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve worn it.

Family dinner while on vacation? Yellow dress.
Family dinner while on vacation? Yellow dress.

The Blazer
I bought this blazer on a crazy impulsive whim. I was throwing a “Dress as your drink” party for my colleagues (ex. drink white russian and dress as the dude from The Big Lebowski) and when I asked my partner what he thought I should dress up as if my drink is white wine he suggested the OC’s Kirsten Cohen, so naturally I had to find some sort of cream top or blazer. Most of the cream tops were cropped, fringed, or sheer (so not Kirsten Cohen!) and I tried on this Vero Moda blazer, liked the fit (more on my love/hate relationship with blazers at another time), realized it was on sale, and promptly purchased it!

Kirsten Cohen beige
Style Inspiration!

I wore it for the party and then it went to live in my closet for far too long! I broke it out for a conference, liked how it looked in pictures and then started pairing it with my spring/summer dresses.

yellow dress + cream blazer
On my way to give my paper!

Today, I paired the outfit with my Aldo cream loafers and a pair of cream/ gold daisy-esque earrings from Aldo.

Close up yellow+earrings
Styled with stud earrings + braids
aldo daisy
Close up of Aldo earrings

So, have any of you tried a colour or a specific dress silhouette that you didn’t think you could pull off and realized you love it?


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