Summer Capsule Day Two: Bright Whites and Navy Stripes!

Today was the second day of my conference and the weather went from +30 to +7 overnight; unfortunately I did not pack for cool weather — I took my cardigan out of my capsule at the last minute in order to pack in my laptop and a second blazer: poor move Kala.

So, in an effort to stay warm, today I wore: American Apparel leggings (see my original Travel Capsule post for more details), Banana Republic crisp white dress, and an Only Navy and White boyfriend-style blazer-cardigan (which I have started calling my “blazigan”, at least to myself when making summer capsule notes).

white and navy
Summer Capsule Day Two // Travel Capsule Day Two

The Dress
Well, if you read yesterday’s post  you will know how much I love the silhouette of my chartreuse H&M dress! Hali finally opened a Banana Republic factory store and I went to check it out with my colleague and found this white dress on the clearance rack. Normally I don’t go for bright white like this dress because it seems to scream either “wedding” or “country-club tennis”. Regardless, as I examined the dress I realized it had similar style lines to my yellow dress and figured, what the hell, I’ll try ‘er on! While it doesn’t fit quite as nicely as my H&M dress, mostly due to the different fabric choice (this fabric does not have the same amount of stretch and give), it still replicates the silhouette (aka makes my chest look good without “shelf boob” or over-the-top cleavage, fits closely to my ribs and stomach, and then flares out at the hips in a really fun way!). *Cha-ching* Purchased! However, once I got it home, I realized that I didn’t have much by way of cardigans, sweaters, or blazers that really complimented the dress without losing that shape I love. Because of this problem, while planning my summer capsule I indicated that I needed to find a summer-weight blazer or cardigan that would suit this dress while adhering to the colour palette I set up for my capsule : step in Only blazer.

day 2
Sorry for not having a full-length photo! The residence I am staying at for my conference has crappy mirrors!

The Blazer
Like I said, I was on a mission to find a complimentary blazer to pair not only with this BR dress, but also with the other items in my capsule; I was thinking of something in the navy family. I walked around the mall for what felt like forever, rejecting blazer after blazer.

Disclaimer: I *hate* blazer shopping. I love blazers, but they have to be just right! My first ever blazer was a Le Chateau black blazer with rolled sleeves that showed the lining pattern, which was a super cute white polkadot; however, it had a one button closure (note to self: you cannot lock those puppies in with a one-button blazer — chaos ensues!) which I did not love because when I did up the button it didn’t fit right and the shoulder puffed up. Secondly, it was a short blazer, so it hit me in a weird place well above my hips. Thirdly, while I liked the idea of rolled sleeves, they made me look like a kid who was wearing an outfit she outgrew (to be completely honest, the blazer was probably on the small side!). Ugly. It only really looked good when paired with a black dress (which disguised the length of the blazer). Since then, I have had a series of unfortunate blazers in materials I didn’t love (too light! too plush! too shiny!), silhouettes I didn’t love (too boxy! too much emphasis on shoulder pads! too cropped!), and colours I didn’t love (too red — what does that possibly pair well with?! too green! too many colours!). And my favourite black blazer (a cute napkin draped Paper Doll one) was too tight in the shoulders and I finally Hulked-out of it, tearing one of the shoulder seams — grrr.

Needless to say, I was on a mission to find the perfect summer blazer (many of the blazers that I decided to keep after the big capsule cull are fall/winter weight). I went to Pseudio and straight to the Vero Moda section and tried on a couple black and grey blazers which I didn’t love because they were boyfriend style (if you are 5’1” and not particularly petite — I’m pretty sure I classify as plus-sized! — then oversized blazers engulf you and not in a cute-messy way: they literally look like they are eating you). Anyways, the shop employee suggested a boyfriend-style blazer in a cardigan material that looked business-cas and I thought to myself, “let me show you why this doesn’t work so you’ll stop suggesting boy-friend style blazers.” But, low-and-behold, I actually liked it and it was striped (a pattern I was hoping to incorporate/ experiment with in one of my upcoming capsules since nautical is so big this summer), it was a nice weight (it felt warm but not like I would swelter in it — perfect for Hali weather), and, most importantly, it was long but not too long (it hit me in a good place, had no closure, and nice big, roomy pockets)! Again, *cha-ching* Purchased!

Close up of fabrics, textures, and patterns

I went very simple with my styling for this outfit! Combining a navy pendant on a long chain that my partner had given me five years ago — he purchased it from an artisan from our local farmers’ market — with simple silver stud earrings and my silver cuff, which I inherited from my grandmother Bernice.

navy pendant
Navy pendant
Heart studs from Bizou
Heart studs from Bizou
silver cuff
I feel like Wonder Woman when I wear this cuff!

Overall, I was pretty happy with how bright, clean, and fresh this outfit looked! Have any of you tried the boyfriend-styled blazer? What do you do with bright whites?


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