Summer Capsule Day Four: Colville and Pug Scarves

After dancing the night away the previous day, I was feeling fairly exhausted going to the last two panels of the conference so I wanted to wear something bright and fun; unfortunately, most of my bright clothes were dirty and I ended up wear a fairly pale outfit.

full outfit
Full outfit

The Skirt
I’ve worn this red pencil skirt from Pseudio many times in the last couple years (such as dancing downtown last night). I bought it in an effort to class up my style — I had been wearing a red, jersey mini-skirt from H&M during my MA. When I started my PhD and started TA’ing more I wanted a similar red skirt in a more professional length, so I pick up this red pencil skirt. It has held up really well!

red skirt
Red Pencil Skirt from Pseudio

The Shirt
When I was planning my outfits for Congress in 2013 my mom offered to buy me a “fancy” tank top to pair with my patterned pants (which I’m sure I’ll wear sometime very soon in my capsule) since the weather was expected to be very hot in Victoria. I have this Reitmans tank top in both black and cream. Although it has ruffles which I don’t normally do because hello boobs!, I really love its fit and weight (it is not quite sheer so it is professional). It hasn’t held up as well as my Pseudio skirt and I can only wear it under blazers or cardigans because of the discolouration, so I topped it off with my cream Vero Moda blazer.

tank top
Reitmans cream, ruffled tank

The Scarf
I bought this scarf from Aslidesign on Etsy when I first rescued my pug Momo (there are so many more accessories/ items with pug print in comparison with my other pup Mal’s breed: papillon). I had not had a chance to try it out yet — but it is a lovely light-weight, infinity scarf. I miss my boys so much!

pug scarf
Pug scarf inspiration

I paired this outfit with my daisy studs and some Bite creme lipstick — super simple! The outfit worked well for a day of leisurely strolling about the National Art Gallery — the Colville exhibit was fantastic and my pug scarf went well, thematically, with Colville’s love of animals, especially dogs!

colville Dog and Groom
“Dog and Groom” — Colville Exhibit
Pug Scarf + Bite Lipstick in “Tangerine” and “Pomegranate”

Has anyone else tried prints with domestic animals? Do you feel like it comes off as too precious? Too much like a crazy, dog lady?


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