Summer Capsule Day Five: Polka Dots and Pink?

Since I didn’t have big plans for the last day of my trip (the conference had ended the day before and I had finished the last of the sight-seeing I planned on doing) I figured I would wear something casual. For this outfit I included the only pair of shorts in my capsule, my cream ruffle tank top and my navy and white blazer for times when it wasn’t quite warm enough to go without another layer. Since I’ve already written about the tank top and blazer I’ll save this post to talk about my shorts and shopping for separates for my summer capsule.

Summer Capsule/ Travel Capsule Day Five
Shorts and tank

I bought these shorts on clearance from Old    Navy three summers ago — I was drawn to the  polka dot pattern and thought that the  mustardy-brown base colour would work well  as a neutral. Well, it turns out I am not great at  matching things to this particular brown colour  — I tend to go very simple and do a white tank  top or t-shirt (plain or graphic). As such, the  shorts have never featured particularly  prominently in my summer wardrobe. But, after trying them on again while culling for my summer capsule I couldn’t bear to donate them because, well, a girl can’t wear dresses and skirts every day; that is to say that I do not count my athletic wear in my capsule and I tend to either be fairly dressed up for things on campus or very dressed down for dog walking, softball games, summery outdoorsy things, etc. with no happy medium in, so including a pair of non-athletic shorts in my capsule seems like a good idea.

Mixing patterns


They are a little shorter than I had remembered, but overall I was happy with the look. Since I also pared down my accessory options for this travel capsule I went with the cream daisy studs and wore my favourite go-to necklace from my partner (from the Vault).

My go-to necklace

Part of my last day was spent shopping with my sister-in-law and I decided to use it as a chance to try out some tops in different colours, silhouettes, and fabrics than I own/carry in my summer capsule with the shorts. I tried to stick to items within my colour palette and my favourite pick was this pink dress shirt from RW&Co. I never would have put the two items together if I were simply planning on paper, but in person I think it worked!

pink polka
Thoughts on polka dots with pink?

Usually I know exactly what I want to purchase when I go shopping (to fill holes in my capsule after extensive planning and budgeting), but I found this strategy a good one (especially for shopping for separates)! Do any of you wear one item from your capsule and then shop around to see how it will pair with different items that you might be hoping to add to your capsule?


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