Summer Capsule Day Nine: Flashback Friday !

I remember it so clearly — we are driving around Grand Manan in our green Toyota van and we stop to get some gas. Attached to or near the gas station is a gift shop. I was in one of those convince your parents to buy a shirt from each “cool” place you vacation, even though you’ll never wear them, phases. I gave them the hard sell, but instead of a shirt I walked out of that shop with this brilliant pink and red maxi dress.

red maxi dress
Papillon Dress from ’98 or ’99

dress tag

close up colour
Look at that ombre!

At the time I had a mushroom cut and was trying to get boys to notice me by imitating their behaviours: wall ball, attending Jr. B hockey games, wearing track pants and t-shirts. So, the fact that I ended up with a dress was odd. I remember it hanging off my slim, tom-boy frame but really liking how long it was. I’m sure I wore it to some special events beyond its vacation purposes (I’m pretty sure for one Halloween in highschool I fastened it around my neck for Supergirl’s cape), but for the longest time it hung out in the back of my closet next to other “special outfits”.

old photo
Now, picture that dress on this version of me

A couple years ago when I was searching my closet for “cool” items that I had forgotten about I came across it and thought, I wonder if it would fit? Clocking in at 5’1″, I am barely taller than I was when I was eleven; however, I am no longer awkwardly pubescent and slim. But this dress is made of some sort of crepe-esque material and seemed stretchy. When I tried it on it stretched a bit in the chest region, but otherwise fit well, if not a little baggy (cue the gold skinny belt!).

gold belt
Joe Fresh gold snakeskin skinny belt

Since then, I’ve worn this dress a number of times in the summer and have definitely loved how it looks. How many other people can say that they are rocking a dress they’ve had since Jr. high?

scw 9
Summer capsule outfit number nine!




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