Colour Injection: My Summer 2015 Capsule

Look at all those colours!

As noted in the title of my blog, my take on the capsule wardrobe is a colourful one. I talked a bit last post about how in awe I am of beautiful and classic neutral-based capsules, and I’ve talked a bit about how my attempt at a mostly neutral wardrobe drove me to the capsule wardrobe, but in this post I want to focus on what my capsule has in spades (what sets me a bit apart from other bloggers’ beautiful neutral capsules): colour! I have always loved wearing colour! For a brief period in highschool, however, I mimicked a friend’s fashion choices (light wash jeans and pale tops). When she moved away, I had a fashion existential crisis that lead to an insane colour explosion — yes, we are talking rainbow eye-shadow levels of breakdown.

old photos
Check out all those dresses (plus my mom’s rockin’ shirt)!

Anyways, after all this time I still really enjoy wearing colour, so while my first capsule (spring) had a fair bit of colour, baby, you haven’t seen anything yet!

For my summer capsule I purged a lot of unflattering pieces and stuck to my colourful guns. As Truncation Blog commented on my last post, “I think if Capsules are going to be successful they need to be full of the things that make you feel amazing,” and I whole-heartedly agree. And you know what makes me feel good? Colour!!

When I was first exploring whether or not minimalism and capsule wardrobes were compatible with my love of colour, I came across a great post by Into-Mind on building colour palettes for capsule wardrobes. Into-Mind’s Anuschka says, “Step number one to building a great colour palette is always to become aware of your own colour style: Which colours do you naturally gravitate towards, which do you want to include in your style concept?” As I surveyed what was left of my closet after I pulled out all of the black I was struck by how much pink, red, coral (especially floral prints) and turquoise shades I had! I was worried that these bright colours would not jive with the minimalist concept, but as Anuschka says, “Colour palettes are not meant to restrict you but help you build a wardrobe that is in tune with your unique personal style.” So, onward to my unique and personal style! Here are a couple images that I used as colour palette inspiration for building my summer capsule.

colour palette
Colour palette inspiration!
Inspiration 2
Look at all those colours!

With those images in mind, here is what I am carrying in my summer capsule!

4 Blazers

Blazers: 1.Vero Moda Cream blazer // carried over from spring capsule **similar
2.Navy and white striped Blazigan from Only (boyfriend blazer/cardigan) // purchased for summer capsule
3. Reitman’s Emerald jersey Blazer // out of storage **similar
4. Vero Moda Black Blazer // purchased for summer capsule


6 Different bottoms

5. Old Navy beige and white polka dot shorts // out of storage **similar
6. Vero Moda Palm-print loose pants // out of storage **similar
7. Reitmans black and white printed loose pants // out of storage **similar
8. Silver Jeans with polka dots re-purposed into shorts // carried over from spring capsule **find here
9. Gap navy and white printed Kakhi pants // purchased for summer capsule **similar
10. Alythea red pencil skirt // out of storage **similar

5 Different Tops

11. Floral tank top re-purposed from an Easel dress // out of storage
12. Joe Fresh butterfly print tank top // purchased for summer capsule
13. Mint green long tank top from an independent store in Washington, DC
14. Turquoise East Coast Lifestyle tee with printed pocket // purchased for summer capsule
15. Reitmans cream ruffle tank top // carried over from spring capsule **similar

3 Lightweight Cardigans

Sweaters/ Cardigans:
16. Banana Republic pink button-up cardigan // carried over from spring capsule **similar 
17. Vero Moda white open-front cardigan // purchased for summer capsule
18. Joe Fresh red button-up cardigan with pockets // out of storage **similar

12 Dresses!

19. Funky Turquoise bird-print dress // carried over from spring capsule
20. Ukraine-print dress from Pseudio // carried over from spring capsule
21. H&M Gray midi dress // out of storage **similar
22. Banana Republic white dress // purchased for summer capsule **similar
23. Red and pink ombre Papillon dress // out of storage
24. Coral, yellow, and blue floral-print collared dress // out of storage
25. Banana Republic Black dress with leather accents // out of storage
26. Black, coral, green floral dress from Pseudio // out of storage
27. Pink, green, and black palm print Vero Moda maxi dress // out of storage **similar
28. Modcloth White, purple, pink, and blue  “Grow me Love” maxi dress // purchased for summer capsule
29. Navy, red, pink, and white Banana Republic Dress // purchased for summer capsule **similar
30. H&M Yellow dress // carried over from spring capsule **similar

31. Aldo cream loafers with tassels
32. Pink Rockport shoes
33. Gold Rockport deck shoes

Unlike Project 333, I do not count accessories as part of my 33 items, so expect to see a variety of jewellery!

So, what do you guys think of colourful capsules? Have I won you over? Or do you prefer to punctuate a neutral capsule with small doses of colour? What are your go-to colours for summer 2015?


4 thoughts on “Colour Injection: My Summer 2015 Capsule

  1. Hooray!! Finally! I’ve found another colourful capsule wardobe lover 🙂 Woo hoo! Here I was beginning to think I was the only one. While charcoal grey and white do have their places in my capsule wardrobe, I could not survive without pink, teal, or navy. Not to mention hits of yellow!


  2. Thanks stgilbert! I find that colourful capsule wardrobes are not as popular as neutral capsule wardrobes and I suspect that it probably has to do with the connotations of the word “minimalism”; that is to say, as I originally feared when entering the capsule world, that many people link the capsule wardrobe to a minimal colour palette (which I have seen beautifully done!), or perhaps those most drawn to the pared down capsule wardrobe have similarly pared down aesthetics? Either way, I’m glad you are enjoying the amount of colour I am featuring in my summer capsule! 🙂


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