One Capsule, Many Hats

dress: Ginger G
blazer: Vero Moda
shoes: Rockport
earrings: DIY

Today was the first day of teaching my summer class, “Reading Popular Culture” and while the capsule wardrobe has helped remove a lot of the standing in front of my closet and trying to decide what to wear questions I had, today I having trouble picking the just right outfit to convey all of the things about my teaching philosophy.

I know, I know, it’s not fair to lay such a heavy burden on one outfit, and others, such as the hookandeye crew, have tackled the delicate balance between looking style and authority far better than I can. 

So, while I was deciding on today’s outfit I was thinking about the different things I ask that my capsule wardrobe be able to handle, especially in the summer. In the summer I teach an intensive summer course four days a week for three hours a day, often hold office hours and run errands around campus. I also work on my dissertation, which means I need clothes that are conducive to sitting and typing (aka nothing too fussy — goodbye separates). I walk my dogs, but usually the outfits I wear for this chunk of my summer time is composed of my workout clothes, but sometimes B and I make a date of it and when we aren’t hiking or walking great distances I like to look cute. The final summer outfit consideration is day dates with B and general summer outings. 

So, in sum, my outfits need to serve three purposes: professional, comfortable, and up-casual — cue all of the dresses.

The dress that I settled on today I bought on a whim last spring when Pseudio had a massive 50-75% off sale. I love florals and didn’t have any black, floral patterns so I snapped it up.

Puppy walking dress duty! ft. pale Kala
Puppy walking dress duty! ft. pale Kala

I wore it a couple times teaching last summer (often with a pair of light leggings or bicycle shorts underneath as it is a bit short) with a  blazer. But, I have also worn it while puppy walking and felt nice and casual. And today, it pulled double duty: I dressed it up with my Vero Moda black blazer and a pretty pair of coral earrings that I DIY’d from a statement necklace that was too short (almost 90’s choker), but after all of my campus errands, I took off the blazer and have been comfortably working on my dissertation and lesson prep!

DIY Earrings
DIY Earrings

So, how many hats does your capsule wardrobe wear? Or do you have separate capsules for work and home?

I am lucky in the sense that I do not have a set uniform/ dress code to follow so I find that meshing the different aspects of my life (professional and everyday) into one capsule that unites my style interests works fine for me! What about you?




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