Mermaids and Mint

scw 15
Summer Capsule Day 15:
leggings: H&M
top: “Only You”
bra: Victoria Secret
shoes: Rockport
purse: local
earrings: Aldo

Growing up a competitive swimmer in The Little Mermaid-era of Disney, I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, however improbable.

life goals

So, instead of cosplaying and flaunting a scaled fish tail, I settle for pieces that make me feel like a mermaid. Today’s outfit is one that I break out a lot in the summer for bebopping around town (aka not professional attire).

The minty-turquoise top is one that I wouldn’t have necessarily bought on my own, but last summer I was in Washington, DC for a conference and foolishly packed for Hali-levels of summer (guys, Washington gets stupid hot in the summer!!). Noticing that I was dying of heat, my mom suggested we use my conference-free block in the afternoon to hit an air-conditioned mall. We found a store that sold brightly coloured, mostly Indian patterned and adorned clothing and my mom told me I should try on this button-up top. I did and loved it and would have bought it on the spot, but it is sheer, so I hemmed and hawed. My mom thought it looked nice, so I figured if it is opaque enough for her it is opaque enough for me!  I bought it for all of $17.99. Score. 

shirt in action at the Washington zoo!
shirt in action at the Washington zoo!

The only alteration I had to make to the shirt was sewing it closed between buttons two and three so that I didn’t get Power Girl levels of boob-window happening.

altering top
goodbye boob window

My favourite thing about the sheerness of this Ariel-fin-coloured top is that I you can see details of one of my favourite bras. See, normally I don’t do sheer anything because I am not the most body-image confidence gal (aka you will never catch me in a dress with lace panels etc). But, I have all of these expensive Victoria secret bras (necessary when you are DDD or EE) with beautiful details that never get seen. While I don’t lift my shirt up and scream “Look at how pretty my bra is!”, this sheer top lets me softly whisper it without being uncomfortable.

shiny shiny mermaid bra
close-up of sheerness
close-up of sheerness

I paired this top with some of my favourite leggings which often cause people, like my partner B, to say, “wow, that’s a lot of pattern.” Again, I normally don’t do the whole leggings without a skirt or dress overtop, but this shirt is so long in the back (aka shirt mullet) that it looks funny with short shorts, so I think it works (and that I don’t look like a teenie-bopper, I hope).

flower power!
flower power!

I styled this look with two more accessories with fulfill my desire to be a mermaid: multicoloured gem earrings from Aldo and this blue fish-scale cross-body purse (which you might have noticed in my instagrammed #ootd posts).

The earrings remind me both of the pearlescent inside of shells and sunken treasure (dingle-hopper anyone?).

earring details

The purse is a hand-me-down from my mom: I remember being horrified by it as a child (a vegetarian child who had a fish phobia). It was handmade in Shelburne, NS by the wife of a fisherman. It is made of dyed fish scales. My mom had a matching wallet and when she was doing some culling of her own closet and this purse was on the “toss” pile I snatched it up. I love the colour blue and love the fact that it is made from un-used fish scales.

fish-scale cross-body purse

So, tadaa!, I am a mermaid! Anyone else share my desire to be a mermaid? Do you find that it works its way into your style at all? Do you have any pieces that make you feel particularly mermaid-like or that recall the ocean?




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