Pairing Prints!

Summer Capsule Day 16
dress: Just Funky
cardigan: Vero Moda
shoes: Aldo
earrings: Bizou
ring: Pretty in Ink

Do you have a dress that makes you feel happy even when you’re not? For me that dress is this printed turquoise, extremely light-weight dress! 

I picked up this dress at a little shop in Montreal while visiting with my sisters in law, hours before my fateful Beastie Boys flight. My s-i-ls took me to a cute indie clothing store because I had some extra cash and wanted to buy something cute while in Montreal; however, I felt huge in this store! So many of the dresses were on the small side. I started to sweat (oh no! what if nothing fits!) and an employee suggested I try this bird-print dress as it came in an XL. At first I was flustered that she sized me and could read my anxiety but as soon as I tried on the dress I was sold!

charming bird print!
charming bird print!

Fast forward two years: it’s Monday and I’ve just started a new schedule: I coach swimming from 6:30-7:30AM, swim 7:30-8:30AM, race over to my office and have 40 minutes to throw myself together and look over my prep before I start teaching my summer class.

Mornings that start at 5:00AM require easy outfit options and, baby, is this one ever easy!

I simply grabbed the dress (which is excellent for travel as it bunches without wrinkles), a cardigan and a few accessories, threw them in my tote bag with my “five minute” makeup bag and prayed for the best (aka that I did’t forget to pack my bra).

Before this capsule I used to wear this dress with my Joe Fresh red cardigan, always with red red red lipstick.

ft. red Joe Fresh cardigan and the West coast!
ft. red Joe Fresh cardigan, the West coast, and a sun-starved girl!

But, when I was wearing this ombre maxi dress last month it was just cool enough that I wanted a cardigan but my only options were pink and red. I went with pink and was self conscious of the amount of colour (something that doesn’t happen that often). I decided to invest in a nice light-weight neutral cardigan (essential for Hali weather which requires lots of light layers!). Now, I know that I’ve explained my penchant for colour on this blog in the past, but guys, this mad crush I have on colour is extreme. Looking at this nice crisp white cardigan at the counter with my wallet open I almost switched it for this beautiful royal blue one. It was difficult for me to stick to my list of “Summer Capsule Needs” rather than whimsy/impulsive “wants”. 

Anyways, now that I have it I really do love it! It freshens up/ reigns in some of my more boisterously colourful outfits, which is something I need.

But, I’m not ready to trade my colourful capsule for a neutral one. In addition to this fabulous bird-print turquoise and purple dress  I decided on these great statement earrings and my brand new Day of the Dead pug ring from Pretty in Ink Jewelry, which I paired with Lingonberry by BITE

statement earrings!
statement earrings!
Lingonberry lips!
Lingonberry lips!
Pretty in Ink ring ft. my adorable pug Mo!
Pretty in Ink ring ft. my adorable pug Mo!

What was on your “Summer Capsule Needs” list? Did any one item change the tone/ look of one of your outfits like my red to white cardigan swap out? Do you love a good print dress? 




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