Birthdays and Breaking (Capsule) Rules

Summer Capsule Day 18: jeans: silver top: alythea shoes: aldo earrings: aldo sunglasses: fossil necklace: forever21
Summer Capsule Day 18:
jeans: silver
top: alythea
shoes: aldo
earrings: aldo
sunglasses: fossil
necklace: forever21

Today I want to talk about breaking the capsule rules. I, like many others, have found the capsule planning process to be extremely helpful in reining in my excessive shopping problem. See, I am a graduate student and therefore only get my scholarship once a month. Typically my pattern has been to scrimp and save all month and then when I get paid (and have paid rent and all the bills) I am so pleased that I have money in my account that if I happen to be out and there is a sale (my weakness) I can’t help but buy something, telling myself that I have saved so much! What a deal! How could I not buy that dress at that price!

So, planning my seasonal capsule in advance, keeping track of items that need to be replaced or that are missing from my capsule (like the neutral cardigan I budgeted and planned for my summer capsule) has been fantastic. Now when I see a cute printed dress I ask myself if I really need another dress? If so, which dress would I move from in rotation into storage? Usually, the option is “none! I love all of my dresses too much! I simply can’t spare a dress!” 

Sufficed to say: the capsule wardrobe has cut down on my poor shopping/spending habits considerably!

However, last week both my beloved laptop, Aurora, named so for the 2010 operating system she came with, and my trusty, hardworking external hard drive, Seabiscuit, both had complete meltdowns on me and I had to max out my emergency credit card in order to replace and salvage the two respectfully. *Sigh*

While I wandered the mall anxiously awaiting my laptop’s prognosis (which was a red screen with comically large black font reading “FAILED”), I spied a “75% season end sale”. I walked past the store, strong. Then doubled back and figured “it couldn’t hurt to try some of the summer trends on just to see” and BAM! Just like that, I was emotional shopping (like going to a grocery store while hungry, this wasn’t going to end pretty). 

I was cranky (having been in and out of computer repair shops for the past four hours) and tired and decided I didn’t want to try trends on, I wanted to try on pretty “Kala-esque” things (aka brights!). 

I actually had worked myself up to not purchasing anything — I had already bought a maxi dress and a neutral cardigan (the two items on my “Summer capsule needs” list) — I did not need anything else. But from the moment I spied, grabbed and tried on this butter-yellow lightweight top I was a goner. I figured what was another $35 dollars on top of all the computer replacement/fixing fees. Plus, guys, it was originally $75 dollars!, look at all the money I saved!!

It sat shamefully in its bag for about a week before I woefully showed my partner B who said “yellow looks so good on you — you look all summery and glowing.” And you know what? I do look summery and glowing! The top helps round out my accent colour items (yellow!) and today I wore it while teaching with my ripped jeans-turned-long shorts and felt pretty rad.

I decided to keep my accessories simple: my Fossil sunglasses (integral for my afternoon softball game!), my daisy studs, and because it was my friend A’s birthday and I was going to deliver her gift to her I put on my dino friendship necklace (A’s has a T-rex charm, whereas I have a stegasauras ). 

Golden and glowing! Style details!
Golden and glowing! Style details!
Fossil aviators
Fossil aviators
Cutest little stegosaurus!
Cutest little stegosaurus!

So, fess up, how many of you have either shopped and purchased items that you did not need for your capsule after the capsule period had started (in my case a good two weeks after my “big reveal”)? Or found an item that you *loved* so much that you decided the capsule could welcome a new item?




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