Victory Rolls and Red Lipstick

Summer Capsule Day 20! dress: banana republic shoes: aldo earrings: beck&boosh lipstick: MAC ruby woo
Summer Capsule Day 20!
dress: banana republic
shoes: aldo
earrings: beck&boosh
lipstick: MAC ruby woo

When I wrote about my Mermaid-themed outfit, or how I was inspired by Joan’s outfits in Mad Men, I claimed that I rarely theme my outfits, but today I realized that it happens more often than I had originally thought and I think I’ve realized why. See, I am a cosplayer who does children’s hospital charity events a couple times a month — if you follow me on instagram (@kala_not_kayla) you’ll probably have noticed my Elsa cosplay pictures. 

Basically, I think that my cosplay background has conditioned me to subconsciously theming my outfits.

Today in my Reading Pop Culture class we were studying Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This morning when I put on the dress I had pre-determined based on the humidity level  (yesterday was so humid, 86%, that I went with a maxi and blazer), I realized that it was fairly Captain America colour based: red, white and blue (with some pink accents). Sometimes when I wear this dress I play up the pink accents in my makeup (hello Kat von D’s Backstage Bambi!), but today I decided to go with red rather than pink.

Because I did not coach in the morning I actually had some time to do sometime to do something with my hair beyond wet Heidi-braids or a high bun. So, I decided to roll with the theme (pun intended) and threw some quick Victory rolls into my hair and went with my MAC Retro Ruby Woo lipstick.

Victory rolls ft. my pup Mal
Victory rolls ft. my pup Mal
lipstick and earrings
lipstick and earrings

I hoped that it wasn’t too obvious that I was themed (maybe something more along the lines of Disney Bound), but guys, I am a huge dork and don’t even care and thought the dress went with the hairstyle decently. Confession: I always fear that I am that Project Runway contestant that can design (or in my case choose/ put together) a good outfit but ruins it with the styling, which is why I often opt for simple braids and lipstick.


My other worry is that when I theme style my outfits that I look like I am wearing a costume; in other words, I wonder if I am still adhering to my own personal style. I think so as I am still embracing colour. Plus I think that the occasional themed look is fun (and I love having fun when I get dressed)! So, does anyone else go with a colour-combo that evokes a specific character or outfit inspiration that you love and secretly wonder if people can tell? 




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