Stop! Neutral Time!

Summer Capsule Day 21 dress: chocolate cardigan: vero moda shoes: rockport necklace: claires
Summer Capsule Day 21
dress: chocolate
cardigan: vero moda
shoes: rockport
necklace: claires

While I wholeheartedly love pumping up the colour in my capsule wardrobe, today I decided to put together a few of my more neutral pieces and see how I felt.

This grey and white striped Chocolate dress was part of my emotional shopping the day my laptop died. It was unbelievably cheap and so lightweight (without being sheer) that I thought it would be perfect for my summer capsule; also, I am going to visit one of my favourite people in the world, C, in Cali this summer and have been trying to think about items that will work well in that kind of heat, which is very unlike the wet, 80%+ humidity (walking through a wall of other people’s sweat) heat that we get in Hali. So while I bought this dress with the thought that it would be a nice vacation dress (C loves stripes and I think that her aesthetics seeped into my decision-making process) I figured I’d put it into rotation to see the ways I can style it before my trip (August 1st!).


Instead of pairing the dress with one of my bright cardigans or blazers, I thought I would try it with my new white Vero Moda cardigan.

I almost went with a rainbow statement necklace but decided to play on grey tones and went with a silver and light pink sparkly number. I paired this with some nice bright summery-pink lipstick and my sunglasses and felt like it was a decent outfit.

it may not be colourful, but it sure is sparkly!
it may not be colourful, but it sure is sparkly!
sparkly details
sparkly details

The only thing about this dress is that it is a closer fit than I am used to (normally I go for more structured style lines) and made of a slightly clingy fabric, and for a girl who has some body image issues I definitely had a final look in the mirror and the intense urge to change immediately. Anyhow, I’m trying this whole embracing my curves/ body shape thing while also doing cardio 5 days a week (yes, those are “I ran out of time to condition my straw-textured, chlorinated hair” braids). So, while I am still fairly self conscious of the way I look in this dress, I am working on it and think it looks better in pictures than I had imagined.

I know that Karin over at Truncation Blogspot wrote about “not feeling” certain outfits recently. I asked her what it was about what I considered a killer outfit(!) that she didn’t love and she said she couldn’t put her finger on it. Do any of you also suffer from this feeling: you aren’t sure about an outfit but receive tonnes of positive feedback and are left feeling “heh?” Or does the positive feedback make you re-evaluate a look/colour/silhouette you may have passed over in the past?




2 thoughts on “Stop! Neutral Time!

  1. Ahhhh yess! As I type this, I am wearing stripes. This dress is really lovely 🙂 I think that something I often like in theory doesn’t end up being good (or ends up “off”) when I don’t consider how it works for me, specifically. I may see an outfit on someone with a very different skin tone or body shape and want to do it myself but end up accidentally disregarding how to adapt it for my own shape and looks. Maybe that’s part of it?


    1. Thanks @frootyon! I do like this dress — you’ll be seeing a lot of it when I come to visit! I think that I also have a problem with adapting looks that I like on other people/ in magazines etc., to make them work for me. In this case, all I needed to feel comfortable in the dress was a cardigan, so I could button it if I was feeling self-conscious about the cling factor.


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