Magical T-shirts

Summer Capsule Day 22 dress: american eagle shirt: WB blazer: vero moda shoes: aldo necklace: claires cuff: heirloom
Summer Capsule Day 22
dress: american eagle
shirt: old
blazer: vero moda
shoes: aldo
necklace: claires
cuff: heirloom

Man, eleven-year-old Kala was awesome. She had rad dresses like this one and she wore pre-movies Harry Potter t-shirts with track pants. Back then, this t-shirt was that slightly baggy oversized thing that was in style. Now, well, like the red and pink maxi, I’m surprised that it still fits and that I can pull off wearing it as a fitted tee.

I’ve seen many fashion bloggers showing off cute graphic tees: often they are oversized and, as whistles & clovers shows, can be knotted and tucked into fun skirts, etc. So, when I decided I was going to fully embrace my nerdiness for Harry Potter day in my Pop Culture class, I asked B his opinion on the shirt. We agreed that it was tightrope walking that fine line between teaching/analyzing pop culture and embodying pop culture a la fangirl perspective and that to pull the look off I should probably embrace a blazer (I have fond memories of some of my favourite profs from undergrad rocking the t-shirt with blazer casual-cool look!). 

am I cool enough?
am I cool enough?

At first I thought black blazer (and immediately wanted to wear my deep purple/red lipstick) with my black and white patterned dress pants, but I decided to scale back the look a bit. Instead, I layered the tee over a super cute, cream lace summer dress, so that it worked as a bit of a mini-skirt.

skirt effect
skirt effect

I went with my cream Vero Moda blazer in the hopes that it would sort of look like a skirt/suit combo from a distance. Layering on the cream I chose my cream Aldo loafers with gold tassels.

I put on the same necklace as my last #ootd because it is whimsical, light and sparkly.


BAM! Harry Potter magical shirt to the rescue! BTW, my students totally applauded my shirt and deemed it “cool” : mission accomplished!

Does anyone else have a t-shirt that they have kept over the years and love? How do you style it? 


3 thoughts on “Magical T-shirts

    1. Thanks Karin! I don’t have a lot of “fun” or graphic tees (and since I don’t like separates I don’t think I would wear them even if I included them in my capsule), but I *love* my HP one! Oh! Whistles and Clovers is so professional — I need to learn how to pose 🙂


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