Fun Prints, Floppy Hats, and Fresh Starts

Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Day One leggings: teefury boots: stevemadden sweater: smartset hat: nordstrom
Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Day One
leggings: teefury
boots: stevemadden
sweater: smartset
hat: nordstrom

Well it is Fall and I am back!

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern and wished me better health on instagram during my unplanned hiatus. Unfortunately, I had a random health flare up while away on vacation this summer, which lead to me spending the month of August in Johnny shirts and simple athletic shorts and tank tops; that is to say, nothing worth blogging about. Hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to write about my two week travel capsule, as well as my summer capsule reflections. I also want to thank everyone who has been posting about and planning their Fall Capsule Wardrobes, like Truncation Blog, Kate in the Classroom, Harben Porter, The Lovely Stars, and Venturing Home — at first seeing your posts made me bummed out as I had not even looked at my closet, let alone done the mountain of dirty laundry that had built up, but now that I am feeling better I am jumping into my Fall Capsule Wardrobe with both feet!

Yesterday I was rushing in the morning: I was planning on attending a PhD defense that I thought started at 9:30AM, but in truth started at 9:00AM. I ended up with one sock on, sopping wet hair, and goggle marks fresh on my face when I burst into the room one minute before the start time. When I got home three and a half hours later (having put my second sock on during the opening remarks) I was in a mood. My lovely partner B asked me if I was wearing my first fall capsule outfit (because he knew I had been working away on planning and was hoping to start back at blogging this week) and I burst into tears, took off the socks, curled up in bed and took a nap. After a much needed nap I woke up, put on a different outfit and enjoyed the first honest-to-goodness “cool” autumn day here in Hali adventuring with my boys. 

I felt fantastic — B took some photos of my outfit which I was *loving*!

BAM! Outfit #1
BAM! Outfit #1 ft. my very own Vulpix!
Momo and some freshly picked blackberries!
Momo and some freshly picked blackberries!

While walking in the park, B asked me why I was glowing in this outfit whereas miserable when I got home earlier in the day in my “first” outfit. It took me awhile to pinpoint exactly why I felt better and it has to do with one of my capsule weaknesses: lack of flexibility.

I’ve picked up a second job to help me cope with the concept of my PhD funding running out this time next year; the downside is that it begins at 6:30AM, which means I leave my apartment at 5:50AM to catch my bus *vomit*. I check the weather the night before, pack my makeup, my outfit, shoes, accessories, etc. in my tote bag and go to sleep. In the morning I grab everything and head out the door totally prepared. When I end up leaving work at 9:00-9:30AM, however, the weather may be slightly different or I may have a schedule change and suddenly that perfect outfit I’ve chosen and that feeling of preparation goes right out the window and I flounder.

Yesterday, I had planned on wearing this nice light-weight dress and a light sweater to layer on top.

Smartset Wine-coloured light sweater with leather details
Smartset Wine-coloured light sweater with leather details

My plan was to wear leggings, but in my packing exhaustion I packed the ones with holes in knees [note to self throw them out!], so instead I figured I would go bare-legged (it’s still basically summer, right?). Yet, I had packed my black compression stocking for my lymphedema (more on this challenge in my summer reflection post), not my beige one, so instead of looking bare legged from a distance, I looked like I was wearing one soccer sock (seriously though, the number of people who have asked me if I injured myself playing soccer whilst wearing my black stocking is astounding!). I grabbed the second stocking and figured I would put it on my good leg. The room that the defense was scheduled for was absolutely freezing. My dress’s skirt was too short to really work without leggings; therefore, the two black, knee-high stockings gave a very Catholic school-girl feel to my outfit. I didn’t have time to put makeup on and my hair was in a messy ponytail. Everyone else in the room looked nicely put together and to put it bluntly I felt like a bag of day-old garbage: shit happens, sometimes you can’t plan for everything, or you read your schedule wrong, forget your leggings, insert “disaster” here, etc.

Instead of correcting my outfit with a pair of leggings, doing my hair and putting on some makeup, I decided a fresh start was needed: enter outfit two. I kept the same sweater because it is the perfect weight for cool weather — I love the leather details and rich wine colour. I paired this long sweater with leggings — but not just any leggings: my new Pokemon leggings from TeeFury!

Puppy adventure time ft. Pokemon leggings!
Puppy adventure time ft. Pokemon leggings!

From a distance they seem like a fun autumn floral with purples, reds, and cream colouring, but up close, yup, that is a Vulpix and a Flareon! Two-years-ago Kala would have had an anxiety attack displaying her nerdiness in public, but not now! Suck it world, I like Pokemon and can rock those tights in a cute autumn capsule outfit! 

ft. all my favourite fire-y pals!
ft. all my favourite fire-y pals!

It is a three-way tie for my favourite items in this outfit (which is why I felt like such an amazing, confident badass!): my leggings, my new boots, and my hat! The boots and hat I picked up in California while visiting one of my favourite people, C! She took me to not one, but two super cool out-door air malls: Desert Hills and Fashion Island. I am going to write a separate post about the boots tomorrow because buying them was a huge moment for me and I want to take the time to address why they are amazing in full. As for the hat, well, C has amazing floppy hats that made her look all Audrey Hepburn-ish (guys, she was rocking it!) and I, too, wanted to feel like a star.

C rocking floppy hat #1
C rocking floppy hat #1
C looking like the freakin' model she is in floppy hat #2
C looking like the freakin’ model she is in floppy hat #2

I, however, have never found hats flattering on me (aside from my beloved Blue Jays cap), so we went to Nordstrom and I tried on hats. I fell in love with this dusty pink hat and bought it!

Summer hat time!
Summer hat time!

I wasn’t sure if it would translate particularly well to my Fall Capsule, but I was going on a hiking adventure with my pups, my sunglasses were broken, so I threw it on and loved the way it worked!

Fall adventures! The hat has a jaunty Indiana Jones feel goin' on!
Fall adventures! The hat has a jaunty Indiana Jones feel goin’ on!

So, suffice to say that sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have to take another stab at the challenge. I have always found September to be magical — fresh. Even though I am slogging through the same dissertation chapter that I was in June, September has this restart-button vibe: I am letting go of the frustrations of the past month and starting fresh, in life and in fashion.





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