Skirt Shapes

boots: steve madden leggings: teefury skirt: jcrew top: pink martini
boots: steve madden
leggings: teefury
skirt: jcrew
top: pink martini

I have always loved pencil skirts: there is just something about the way that they hug and lengthen the body that kills me aesthetically. I have discussed my favourite pencil skirt and the way it makes me feel like I am embodying Mad Men’s Joan before, but today I want to talk about trying different silhouettes and shapes.

Before I went to Cali to visit C I made myself a little list of clothing items that I would allow myself to buy if they fit the bill: ankle boots, a fall bag, shorts, and a new skirt. While I hadn’t started planning my Fall Capsule yet I knew from last year that there were going to be items I had set aside space in my budget to replace or add.

C took me to J Crew and we had a blast trying on tonnes of items. I pulled a bunch of skirts to try on and eventually settled on this aubergine drapey, draw-string-waisted skirt with cute eyelet detailing. Would I have ever pulled this skirt off the rack just to try on if C hadn’t pointed it out to me? Probably not; mainly because I hate the way that drawstring waists draw attention to, you got it, my waist. 

Dressing room photos -- trying to make my mind up
Dressing room photos — trying to make my mind up

However, yesterday I wanted an excuse to wear my Pokemon leggings to teach (after debating the appropriate or not question and coming down on the side of “it’s a pop culture class, so YES!”) and figured I would pair them with the skirt in question.


The top I decided to wear with this ensemble was a birthday gift from my sister-in-law Chels. I hadn’t worn it in years (literally) because my chest had gotten too big, but surprise surprise when I was looking for a clean top to wear I thought I’d give it a try and it worked (and by worked I mean fit!). This outfit features all of my fall favourites: watch, boots, pattern leggings, and autumnal lipstick!


Do you have any pieces that you love that you never thought you’d like based solely on their shape or silhouette?




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