Spring Capsule!

I’m back and debuting my Spring to Summer capsule wardrobe! I apologize for the long hiatus:  I ended up subbing as a lecturer for a class in the fall ontop of my two TAships, and in the winter I got the opportunity to teach one of the giant first year classes. Hopefully you enjoyed following my Winter capsule on Instagram (@kala_not_kayla)– I enjoyed playing with darker colours!

If you are familiar with Halifax then you’ll know that Spring isn’t really a fully developed season; it ends up being a weird mix of weather as the city tries to regulate its offerings. That is to say that last week we had a gorgeous +20 degree day followed by snow and the rest of the time, well, grey and rain. Because of this I decided to hold off on launching my spring capsule until a) there was no more snow in the long term forecast and b) my final grades were in. Mission accomplished.


This season I’m trying something slightly different. Instead of having two separate capsules for spring and summer (last year I really struggled to make these different by using different colour palettes), I’m going to do a gradual spring into summer capsule. I am starting with 33 pieces and will add another five-ish once the temperatures really ramp up in the summer.

imageFor now I present my initial Spring capsule! Instead of using allllll of the colours, like last spring, I have decided to stick to pink, blue as my main colours, yellow as the accent, with grey and white as neutrals. When I add the summer pieces I will be playing with green and blush.






imageAs always, I carry more than one blazer for conferencing and other academic needs. You’ll likely recognize my favourite Blazigan and my navy blazer. The grey Vero Moda one is a new addition.



Last year this time I launched my first ever capsule and tried following Unfancy, Into Mind, and Project333’s guidelines when it comes to spread of items. I forced myself to try separates and wore pants. By my summer capsule I was shouting my hatred of pants from the rooftops (err every blog post), so this time I am sticking to what I love: dresses.

This is where you can see how much colour and print I’ve included. The new additions include the yellow and blue Exploding Tardis print dress that I made, the pink and white print dress (Modcloth), and the light wash chambray drawstring waist dress from Gap.



I’m exploring button up shirts these days (now that I’ve fixed that boob gap — I’ll blog about this later this month) because I have fallen in love with bow ties: the new additions include the white long-sleeve button up with black star print (Gap), the window pane navy plaid (Psuedio, both shirts were part of my Winter capsule), and the  Oxford shirt (also from Gap).



I’m not a huge tee/ tank wearer but I’ve decided to include these three: simple white tee (Vero Moda), floral print (altered from a dress), and yellow and white striped (Banana Republic — new to this capsule).

Sweaters and Cardigans


Since Halifax is still making its mind up about the temperature, I’ve included a couple different weights and fabrics. New to this capsule are the light blue sweater (Mak) and the navy cardigan (Active USA). Both are slightly heavier but can dress my dresses up nicely.



Here we go again– I’m trying some shorts and the only pair of jeans I own. I’m not sure they’ll get much play time but they are comfortable. Both shorts (denim and navy) are from Joe Fresh and the jeans are Just Black. I still feel fairly inexperienced with styling and putting together outfits with separates so join me on this strange adventure!


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