Spring Additions: Neutral Pieces

I wanted to talk about Capsule Wardrobe shopping on this Shoesday!

When I plan my capsule wardrobes I try to envision the different types of events I will encounter for the season. For me, spring is difficult because although I’m not teaching I still have conferences and other professional events, which is why I’ll be doing a Spring-Summer transition capsule wardrobe in order to properly encapsulate my need to cover both professional, every day, and work wear. Usually, I make a list of pieces I need to replace or purchase to complete the capsule.

I thought I had this capsule completely locked down, but I had a number of plagiarism hearings to attend and quickly realized that while my capsule can handle conferences (my conference uniform is a cute dress and blazer), I don’t have many professional, non-bright, pieces. I ditched black items for spring in favour of navy, but when I was planning my outfits for the plagiarism hearings I noticed that while my navy blazer looks nice with a lot of my dresses, the dresses are either too loud, or too casual. So, B and I went to Winners.

Confession time: I have been to Winners maybe a total of ten times in my life. It took me quite a while to figure out the way they have items arranged. My plan going in was to get a plain white dress shirt (my winter capsule included a white dress shirt with cute, tiny black stars on it) and a navy skirt so I could work the skirt-suit look.

Shopping for a white dress shirt made me feel like I was back in concert, jazz, and pit band.

Flipped through my year books to find this a super cheery picture of me and my clarinet

For the most part I found the dress shirts fit me awkwardly — hello boob gap. Also, Winners doesn’t have a dress shirt section on the women’s side so I had to flip through tonnes of non-dress shirts in the Long-Sleeve top section *sigh*

I eventually decided on this shirt, which doesn’t look like much on the rack, but does nice things for my curves in real life. Also, I’ve learned that plain white dress shirts make a nice backdrop for statement necklaces!

Because I was feeling defeated and depressed by the plain white dress shirts, I turned down all of the plain navy skirts B had pulled and decided I needed more patterns in my life. I love this gorgeous pencil skirt!

Finally, after I wrote about Golden Boy last week I became fixated on how clunky my black dressy shoes looked. Unfortunately, a crap tonne of rain last summer wrecked my favourite little beige shoes. I finally decided to splurge and replace them, which was no easy task. I’ve written about how I struggle with serious boot envy because of my disability in the past.

Apparently, trying to find heels that I can wear with my lymphedema makes me a big ball of emotions. I went from store to store trying to find a nice pair of neutral pumps.

Worked on my good foot, not so much for my left foot *sigh*

I finally found this pair at Rockport. I flip flopped big time about buying them, the bright blue ones were more my speed, but the nude ones are quite beautiful and better fit my capsule needs.

Even though I still struggle with the fact that my leg limits my shoe options, these fit nicely and the Adiprene insoles are heavenly!


My blog is called Kala’s Colourful Capsule, but I’m learning that sometimes neutral items are necessary. Anyone else struggle with buying neutral pieces?


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