London Travel Capsule: 9 items and 9 looks

I’m back from my last conference of the summer and wanted to share what I packed in my Travel Capsule. Before I started planning I was chatting with my pal Cat and said that I didn’t want to do navy and white like last time (you can read about my Blue Phase and what I have learned from last conference season here). Originally, I was thinking navy and coral or navy and grey, but Cat suggested I go wild and go all coral or pink (with grey as my neutral). Guys, I ran with it. Get ready for so many pink and floral pieces!

What I packed:

A. Floral harem pants (Vero Moda) – new this season

B. Pink maxi dress (Pseudio) – new this season

C. Floral zip up (Primark) – out of storage

D. Pink cocktail dress (H&M) – out of storage

E. Grey blazer (Vero Moda) – new this season

F. Grey and white striped dress (Chocolate) – out of storage

G. Grey sweater (Banana Republic) – new this season

H. White tee (Vero Moda) – out of storage

I. Hogwarts Tank (Primark) – out of storage

Thought Process

 Once I realized I wanted to go with pink as my theme, I created my event pie chart. As you can see from the chart, my five big categories are Conference, Explore, Research, Travel, and Fancy. This trip was for a conference and to do research in a London library, so my main goal was to have 5 smart, professional looks and to be able to mix and match those pieces for exploring days. I didn’t count my Travel items as part of my capsule because I only wore them twice and solely for airplane purposes (but as always, I wore my Beastie Boys tee, jeans and a hoodie). 

What I wore: combinations and thoughts

Look One:

Occasion: Dinner and exploring the hotel area. Essentially, we rolled into the hotel after close to 24 hours of straight travelling, showered, cat-napped and then went down to dinner. I wanted to dress up and try out one of my looks.

Styling: I piled my wet hair into a bun, added a headband and very little makeup. I normally wear this dress with very minimal and clean lines, but who doesn’t love a floral zip up?!

Look Two: 

Occasion: The first day of the conference consisted of Masterclass sessions, so I figured we would be doing a lot of classroom sitting. My first thought was comfort, but that I also wanted to make a good first impression.

Styling: While I love my H&M dress, it is a little too low cut for conference wear, so I paired it with my grey pullover sweater. The look felt chic and comfortable. I went with my glasses every day because of the amount of reading and bifocal needs. I pulled my hair into a simple fishtail and popped the lipstick with some Kat Von D “Backstage Bambi.”

Look Three:

Occasion: First full day of conference. I wanted to be comfortable since conferences are 8am-5pm days.

Styling: I’ve been itching to show off these floral harem pants since my old ones bit the dust (see how I repurposed them here). I paired them with a simple white tee and my blazer (hello, I am an adult). This was also the day I presented so I went with a crown braid, my Bite lipstick in “quince,” and the statement necklace I packed. I only packed two pieces of jewellery: this necklace and my pearl studs.

Look Four:

Occasion: Immediately following the key note presentation was a fancy banquet at an art gallery. I didn’t have time to run back to my hotel for a full Cinderella transformation, so I packed my pink cocktail dress, changed nothing styling wise and threw it on.

Look Five:

Occasion: Day Two of the conference! At this point my leg and hip were starting to take a beating so I went for the ultra-comfort of a maxi dress. 

Styling: I paired the maxi dress with the floral zip up for some fun and layering. My dad and brother thought this look was too casual, but I felt good!  I really loosely put my hair into a side braid and kept the lipstick more neutral. 

Look Six:

Occasion: Final half day of the co ference and travelling via train back into London! I wanted something light (I nearly sweated to death on the three-hour train ride the first day). 

Styling: I love this striped dress — it always seems to get tonnes of compliments (despite the fact that by this point I had eaten a million slices of cake on the “coffee breaks”). I tried to do a braided up-do and decided to play up the pink accents (bag, shoes, more “Backstage Bambi”). And again blazer because professional.

Look Seven:

Occasion: Once we made it to our hotel and showered, I was ready to teach my dad and brother the Tube (also, my destination was King’s Cross for Platform 9 3/4).

Styling: I packed this tank with the sole purpose of wearing it to Platform 9 3/4. I paired it with my floral pants and my statement necklace for over the top fun! I seem to always wear this necklace with my Harry Potter tops (see how I styled it on another occasion here). I braided my hair back again and went with my Bite lipstick!

Look 8:

Occasion: Research day! Similar to the Masterclass day, this day was going to be a lot of sitting and reading, so I re-wore the pink maxi.

Styling: This time I paired it with my grey blazer (and later in the evening with my grey sweater) for one of my favourite looks from this trip! Ft. a high bun and more Bite lipstick.

Look 9:

Occasion: Final day in London. I was exhausted by this point and didn’t make  it back to the library as planned. My dad and I went out for brunch and explored the Kensington area before having to catch a train to Gatwick. I went with the floral pants one more time and enjoying the way they worked with my Hogwarts graphic tank, decided to turn the dial to eleven and show off all three florals I packed: pants, zip up, and cane.

Styling: I decided to make this a bit of a “street style” look (lol – I can’t really pull this off) and decided to add athletic details like my headband and keep my lips neutral with just Burtt’s Bees “Red Dahlia.”

So that’s what I wore! Final count on re-wearability?

A: Floral harem pants: 3

B: Pink maxi dress: 2

C: Floral zip-up: 3

D: Pink cocktail dress: 2

E: Grey blazer: 4

F: Grey and white striped dress: 2

G: Grey sweater: 2

H: White tee: 2

I: Hogwarts Tee: 1 

Pretty damn good! I’ve learned so much since my first Travel Capsules.Which look is your favourite?

Home safe and sound with my pups! Here, Malcolm is posing with the only shoes I took on this trip! 


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