Urban Decay Vice x 2 Complexions: Nudes and Pinks

So Cat (@frootyon) and I placed Sephora orders on the same day and received the 24- shade Urban Decay Vice sampler with our orders. We decided, since we have different complexions, that we’d show off how the different shades and styles look on each of us! You can find all of the shades at Sephora! 

We’re going to break this down into three separate blog posts: Nudes and Pinks, Reds and Darks, and Purples and Pinks. For each lippy we’ll discuss the feel and style (Matte vs Sheer vs Cream, etc.), the pigmentation, and our overall grade out of 5 (💄/5) as well as weigh in with our thoughts about each other’s look. At the end of each eight shades we’ll rank our top two.

What our lips look like sans lipstick:

Up first, Nudes and Pinks. Here are our swatches!

 “Conspiracy” — Metallized


Feel/Style:  I was worried that the “Metallized” style would feel either glossy or gritty, but it applied a lot like a regular lipstick and felt quite nice.

Colour: I share Cat’s feelings about this one, but essentially, I was not thrilled about the bronze, 90s brown tones of this lippy.

Impression: Even with Space buns (hey, I was trying to play into its 90s nostalgia) I did not love this shade– I think it looks odd with my tan. I much prefer the way it looks with her complexion and hair.

Grade: 💄/5 I would not buy this lipstick and it was probably one of my least favourites of the whole bunch.


Feel/Style: If only this lipstick looked the way it felt (comfortable, sleek, and relatively long-wearing). In terms of styling, I didn’t have any other makeup on that day and was keeping it v. simple.

Colour: I really didn’t like this colour. When I put it on, I felt like it’d go amazingly with something Cordelia would wear in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course, it’d look a LOT better on her! Brown-ish lipsticks are not my jam.

Impression: Wearing this made me feel self-conscious in a rural Tim Horton’s (is everyone staring at me because I look like I should be in a 90s grunge club?), but as the day wore on and the lipstick wore off, it started to look less brown and more purple. I liked the late-in-the-day version a bunch more than the initial application.

Grade: 💄💄/5 – would probably be awesome for darker complexions and people who can pull off metallic nostalgia, but not for me!

“Naked” — Cream


Feel/Style: Silky, comfortable, almost good enough to eat.

Colour: LOVE. Unfortunately (for my vanity), I decided to stick with no-other-makeup face for the rest of this UD experiment so I’d have consistent examples to compare. This was a beautiful colour that I would wear with minimal makeup or maybe something heavier on the eyes to balance things out.

Impression: I think it looks nice on both of us, and I would actually buy this one!

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 – the perfect “your lips, but better” colour for me 🙂


Feel/Style: I quite liked the way Urban Decay’s “Cream”-style lipsticks felt; however, it didn’t have the long-lasting quality I really crave in a lipstick.

Colour: I don’t often wear nudes (I gravitate towards brights and darks), but I did really like this corally pink nude. I felt made-up and like my look was completed even though the lipstick was such a light colour.

Impression: This is my hands down favourite shade on Cat! It shows up as more of a colour with her complexion and totally brightens up her whole face 🙂

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 If I had to buy a nude to rock in the summer, this coral nude would be at the top of my list.

“Rapture” — Cream


Feel/Style: As I said above, the Cream-style lipsticks feel lovely, but aren’t as long lasting as some of the other styles.

Colour: I don’t love the colour — it is a nice darker rose nude, but I feel like it dulls my complexion (especially in comparison to “Naked”).

Impression: Again, I like this colour with Cat’s complexion more than my own–it reminds me of a colour should rock for a business meeting or other professional event.

Grade: 💄💄/5 If I was given this shade for free I might work it into my “nude” rotation, but it definitely would not get much play.


Feel/Style: Definitely agree with Kala that these are extremely comfortable but a bit wear-prone. I think most of the colour was gone after lunch.

Colour: I think this came out as more of a “just ate some delicious summer berries” on me than “nude,” but I’m ok with that.

Impression: I would wear it again!

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 – quite nice!

“Backtalk” — Comfort Matte


Feel/ Style: This was the first Comfort Matte I tried, and I wasn’t sure what that was supposed to mean (is it a lipstick oxymoron?). Pleasant surprise waited for me, though, as it’s almost as velvety as the Cream formulas, but with a lot more staying power.

Colour: Again, this doesn’t quite seem “nude” to me as much as “pink-y” but I do have a rather pink undertone to my lips. When I watched a few YouTube videos of people doing swatches of the UD lipsticks, I was surprised to see how different they all looked on folks.

Impression: Despite not being very nude for me, I really liked this one. If I were having a lazy day where I didn’t want to reapply lipstick and wanted a bit of pink-toned oomph, I’d choose this colour.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 – enjoyable and pretty-feeling!


Feel/ Style: I really, really liked the way Urban Decay’s “Comfort Matte”s felt! They had the Matte factor that I love, but also the smooth, moisturized feel of a lip balm. It had more staying power than the “Cream” style.

Colour: I liked this pink. It was a nice, delicate looking pink.

Impression: Paired with with Easy, Glowing makeup look, this pink was a powerhouse. It definitely helped that it had more of a colour than some of the other colours in this part of the sampler. Curiously, this shade looked very similar on both of us.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 I would buy this shade 🙂

“Amulet” — Metallized


Feel/ Style: As stated with “Conspiracy”, the feel of the “Metallized” styles is fine, but I found this one slightly harder to apply evenly than “Conspiracy”.

Colour: I hate this colour. I tried to bring out the bronze and gold tones by pairing this colour with a floral top and a gold workout headband.

Impression: All the nope! I wiped it off half-way through the day and threw on a Sephora brand coral. Even though Cat wasn’t a fan, I think it looks nice on her.

Grade: 1/2 💄/5 Would not buy.


Feel/ Style: This felt good when it went on, but I had dry lips in the afternoon and it flaked and felt a bit gritty later on.

Colour: Bleh. While I disliked Conspiracy, Amulet was worse because it had fewer purple undertones. This definitely isn’t my colour (though thank you Kala for saying it looks nice!)

Impression: This would be a lovely lipstick for someone less white than me and ideally with warmer undertones to their skin. For me? I would probably not wear it again unless paid for it.

Grade: 💄/5 – someone save me.

“Stark Naked” — Comfort Matte


Feel/ Style: I don’t know if it was the temperature of my apartment (and the lipstick was melting), or if this particular colour is a smoother formula, but Stark Naked felt even more comfortable than the previous Comfort Matte. It was like a butter.

Colour: Pictures don’t appear to capture this colour well. It looked odd and cake-y on me, and I’d second Kala’s calling it “clay.”

Impression: I don’t hate how this looks in the picture but IRL I felt like a failed Kardashian experiment.

Grade: 💄💄/5 – so comfy, so weird


Feel/ Style: Like I’ve noted before, I like the feel of the “Comfort Matte” style.

Colour: I found this colour looked like an orangey clay on my lips. It seems to have photographed better than it looked irl.

Impression: I did not like this colour– I wore it to coach swimming, hoping it would look natural but the kids asked me why I had lipstick on. Therefore, this lipstick doesn’t pass a “nude” no makeup makeup test.

Grade: 1/2 💄/5 If I got this lipstick for free, I’d try to find a friend with a different complexion who this shade would look gorgeous on. Big time giveaway in my books.

“ZZ” — Cream


Feel/ Style: I liked the way the “Cream” style felt, but because I loved the colour so much I wish it had been a Matte style lipstick.

Colour: I loved this pink! It is perfect for spring and summer. I think it looked very warm with my complexion.

Impression: Much love for this shade! I think it looks like a warmer pink on me than on Cat (lovely none the less!), so I was interested in seeing how the other shades look on our lips.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 If it had been a matte I would give it a 5/5.


Feel/ Style: I think this was the longest-wearing Cream of the Nudes bunch. It was a nice comfortable glide to apply and then felt lovely to wear.

Colour: I was sleep deprived when I chose my outfit and didn’t realize I was going to be wearing a cute pink lipstick with red stripey top (oops, clash). I liked it, but didn’t like the whole ensemble.

Impression: This is one of what I’d call a series of Kala Pinks – a colour that’s so well suited to her peaches ‘n’ cream complexion and blonde hair that I don’t really like seeing it on myself. Technically, it’s fine, but I’d rather Kala wore it than me!

Grade: 💄💄💄/5 – cute but not really my first choice for myself.

“Gubby” — Metallized


Feel/ Style: I think this was the most comfortable metallized colour of the bunch, but part of that could be anti-brown lipstick bias on my part.

Colour: I will admit to intense hesitation about this one. It looked like a shimmery creamsicle, aka. totally not something I’d wear on my lips intentionally. But it was actually …kind of nice?

Impression: I surprised myself and liked it a lot; I felt like a shiny pony. Do I want to feel like a unicorn-type being every day? No. But it’d suit some occasions nicely.

Grade: 💄💄💄/5 – dark horse of light sparkles


Feel/ Style: I had been looking forward to this one for the past seven days. It applied like a lipstick but had the frosted look of a gloss.

Colour: I had hoped that it would be more pigmented; alas, it was not. I think it would be a shade I could wear in the winter when I want to feel like an ice queen.

Impression: This shade might look better on me when I lose my tan mid-autumn. I think it looks fantastic on Cat and plays up her complexion.

Grade: 💄💄 /5 I will give it another go come December, but I definitely would not stand in line to buy this one.
Top 2 Shades: Nudes and Pinks

Cat: “Naked” is a clear winner for me, and then “Back talk” is a nice second place. Some of the other shades were really fun to try, too!

Kala: “Naked” because I need a nude and “ZZ” because I love the shade of pink!


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