Urban Decay Vice x 2 Complexions : Reds and Darks

Cat and I love collaborating on fashion and beauty challenges. This post is the second in a three-part series on Urban Decay Vice shades– this time we are showing off the Reds and Darker shades from the Urban Decay Vice 24-shade sampler (you can check out our thoughts on the Nudes and Pinks, here).

“Rocksteady” — Cream


Feel/Style: Bam! off to the races with the first red – this, despite being a Cream formula, was actually pretty dry/matte. I worried that my samples were drying out, but in retrospect it must just be a rather pigmented lipstick.

Colour: Love, love, love this one. I was feeling fancy that day, so I picked a green dress and felt very 1940s retro roller derby!

Impression: This colour stuck around for a good part of the day, and I loved the colour and overall effect of the lipstick. Definitely one of my faves so far 🙂

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 – ready to rock steady!


Feel/Style: I totally agree with Cat, even though it is a “Cream” it had a long lasting feel — it was also difficult to get the colour off my lips at the end of the day.

Colour: Love this red so much! It reminds me of the first lipstick I ever bought (a Revlon number). 

Impression: Let’s just say that there is a reason Urban Decay named this shade one of their top 6 shades! Gorgeous!

Grade:💄💄💄💄💄/5! I would pre-order and line up for this one! 

“Disturbed” — Comfort Matte


Feel/Style: As I noted in part one of this series, I love the feel of the Comfort Mattes — they are moist enough to gain the title of “Comfort” but staying power of a “Matte”.

Colour: I was ill for a week and didn’t get a chance to wear these shades each day, so I cheated and sampled a bunch of them in a row– hence the burgundy turtleneck dress. This shade is heavenly! I love love love a dark burgundy shade (evidenced by the 6-7 I already have in my collection). 

Impression: So perfect for fall– so beautiful! I am envious of how deep the shade looks with Cat’s complexion.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 Come join my collection, “Disturbed.”


Feel/Style: I misjudged the undertones on this one and wore a green dress whose colour I don’t enjoy with the lipstick (part of why I look wide eyed and a bit frustrated in this picture).

Colour: Disturbed and Blackmail looked really similar to me in the sampler pack, but for some reason I was convinced that Disturbed would look worse on me. It has a rustier undertone, but I actually ended up really liking it that way. It wore nicely down into a dusty brick by when I was done working.

Impression: This Comfort Matte was a little drier than the others, and I was unprepared outfit-wise and mentally for the colour, but I did rather like it. Now, maybe I’m just jealous of Kala’s gorgeous wine red turtleneck, but I think it suits her much better than me!

Grade: 4/5 – like red wine lips, but intentional!

“Manic” — Cream


Feel/Style: Manic was silky and creamy enough that I thought it was a gloss, not a lipstick. It also wore off very quickly.

Colour: Despite the name, Manic strikes me as a rather subdued red lipstick. It’s comfortable, probably dependable for some subtle red lipstick times, but doesn’t stand out to me.

Impression: Maybe because we were both feeling “meh” about Manic, I notice that the picture of Kala and the picture of me are both us looking off into the distance, perhaps forlorn?

Grade: 💄💄💄/5 – I actually forgot I even wore this.


Feel/Impression: Glossy: it came off on my water bottle (blech!) and didn’t leave much pigment behind.

Colour: It looked almost “Metallized” in the sampler – I was excited. It did not live up to it’s name. I love the way it looks on Cat! It is one of the shades that I think look different on us.

Impression: Forgettable– maybe I need to build this colour up somehow.

Grade: 💄💄💄/5

“Blackmail” — Comfort Matte


Feel/Style: Lovely (see my note on “Disturbed”).

Colour: Delicious. I want to wear this colour all the time. This is one of those colours that makes me desire my autumn/winter complexion (aka lack of tan). I love how you can see the purple undertones on Cat- it looks more red on me.

Impression: I feel so witchy and vampiric. I want to wear this shade with a black dress and some winged liner.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 Yes, please!


Feel/Style: Dark, a little dry, and dramatic! Damn, self, why did you wear a red dress to go with this? Good thing I don’t have red hair anymore, or I’d have megaclashed.

Colour: Although I don’t like the picture of me because of the clashing colours, this was and still is one of my favourites. Call me a wannabe vampire, but I just love the dramatic dark red look; it suits fall and shadows!

Impression: yet again, Kala knocked it out of the park with this one! Next time, I’m going to plan to wear outfits that actually go with the lipstick shades 😉

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 – stoked the longings of my autumnal soul

“Gash” — Cream


Feel/Style: This was a nice balance of Cream softness and staying put on my lips throughout the day. It felt nice and it looked nice!

Colour: A red with a nice blue undertone, Gash strikes me as a versatile colour I’d get a lot of use out of.

Impression: Since this is a solid, pretty colour that’s comfortable to wear, I liked it. But it’s similar enough to other colours I have already that I wouldn’t buy it – there wasn’t a real “wow” factor for me.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 — very nice, but too similar to my current tastes to really stand out.


Feel/Style: It felt creamy and dreamy.

Colour: I echo all of Cat’s thoughts- I forgot that I wore this one.

Impression: As I was applying it, I was entirely focused on the next shade- so much more my speed.

Grade: 💄💄💄.5/5

“EZ” — Cream


Feel/ Style: Lovely! Wouldn’t mind reapplying this one.

Colour: I was so excited. Wasn’t totally blown away. Like “Gubby” this is a shade I’ll try again when my tan fades. I am in love with how it looks on Cat! It is such a brig pop on her! She totally rocks those orangey undertones.

Impression: Not my all time favourite on me– but I love it on Cat! 

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5


Feel/Style: This was another extremely comfortable Cream formula that stuck around longer in the day than some – I was pleased!

Colour: Being extremely pale, I’ve never thought I could pull off a more orange-toned red before, but I really liked this one. It feels bright and fun, like a Snow White with extra drama kind of colour.

Impression: Sometimes perceived risks pay off – and I’m pleased I paired this with a black t-shirt for extra visual intrigue. Very much enjoyed!

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 – comfy crimson contrast!

“714” — Mega Matte


Feel/Style: was this the first mega matte we used? It was pretty dry, though not too hard to apply. It didn’t crease or emphasize lines in my lips I don’t want to highlight, so I’d say it was good. And it definitely lasted a long time for me.

Colour: This is a good, solid red – not as blue undertoned as Gash and not as orange undertoned as EZ.

Impression: For the reason above, I liked this but didn’t love it. Seeing as I generally prefer comfier lipstick (and don’t mind reapplying to deal with the downsides of that feature), this isn’t high on my list of colours to re-wear. But it’s definitely a classic, beautiful matte red.

Grade: 3/5 – classic red lip thing that I feel ambivalent about


Feel/Style: I was excited to try our first “Mega Matte” — I was envisioning a MAC Retro Matte feel. I prepped my lips with a sugar exfoliation. It applied a lot easier than the MAC counterpart. So, huge win for me! 

Colour: Here is where I was slightly disappointed. Not as punchy as I’d hoped for. I’ll have to try building this colour up a bit more next time.

Impression: Classic and so so matte. 

Grade: 💄💄💄💄.75/5 

“Snitch” — Sheer


Feel/Style: I don’t love the “Sheer” formula, but it was a nice light glossy number; when I wore it to the pool to coach, my kids didn’t immediately shriek, “why are you wearing lipstickkkkkkkkk?!“, so I guess it reads more as a gloss than a lipstick.

Colour: I love this colour– so much! I wish it came in any other finish. Coral of my dreams.

Impression: I have worn this one 5+ times already this summer.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5


Feel/Style: Sheer! Boy, yes it was. This felt like a very sheer, creamy gloss to me. It felt nice, but was almost immediately obliterated by my breakfast.

Colour: Now, this was a cute colour but not really the kind of one I go for. It doesn’t go with a lot of my wardrobe (but does for Kala, I think!), so I wouldn’t ever buy it.

Impression: Sort of a sweet nothing – not really a colour I’d long for, not really a formula that stuck around long enough to make me reconsider.

Grade: 💄💄/5 – not-so-golden snitch

Top 2 Shades

Cat: Tough call! Can I call a three-way tie between “Rocksteady”, “Blackmail”, and “EZ”?

Kala: I much enjoyed the shades in this section of the sampler! It is hard for me to pick my top two. I am going to have to go with “Blackmail” and “Disturbed” (with “Rocksteady” so close behind). Also, if this was a lipgloss contest, “Snitch” would win a spot in my books.

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