Urban Decay Vice x 2 Complexions: Purples and Pinks

We’re back at it with Part 3 of our three part series on the Urban Decay Vice Sephora sampler — this time we are hitting you with some bright purples and pinks!

Like the last two parts, we will be looking at three aspects of each lipstick shade; feel/style, colour, impression; in order to assign a final grade out of 5.

“Seismic” — Sheer Shimmer


Feel/Style: Very comfortable. If I didn’t read the packaging on this one, I’d have thought it was a straight-up sheer with no shimmer in it. It felt glossy and refreshing!

Colour: This one strikes me as a nice sheer stain-like colour for fall – something a bit plummy and that would suit jewel tones for clothes to pair with it.

Impression: Alas, this wore off quickly after I started eating breakfast and drinking water that morning. But it’s comfortable enough to apply that I wouldn’t mind having to reapply every now and then.

Grade: 💄💄💄/5 – fleeting but fun!


Feel/Style: Like the other Urban Decay Vice “Sheer” style shades, “Seismic” felt more like a gloss than a lipstick. It felt nice, though, and I would wear it again.

Colour: The sample pot looked so dark and rich and I was very excited to try this shade– it reality it is a light berry shade. I do love the “shimmer” aspect of this shade. ✨

Impression: If you are looking for a shimmery berry stain, or gloss, then “Seismic” is perfect. I, however, was looking for a bit more saturation and punch!

Grade: 💄💄💄.5/5

“Menace” — Comfort Matte


Feel/Style: The “Comfort Matte” style is my favourite of all the Urban Decay offerings. It is creamy but long lasting (do not panic when a bit comes off on your tea cup, the majority of the colour is going to stick around all day).

Colour: Helllllllllllo hot pink. I am in love with this shade. It is a nice Barbie pink without entering flamingo territory (which I also really love). An everyday hot pink that brightens up both my and Cat’s complexions.

Impression: I want two! One for my makeup table and one to carry in my wallet for emergency use.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5


Feel/ Style: Putting extra comfort in comfort matte, this lipstick was on all day but I didn’t notice after a while. It actually surprised me in the bathroom mirror, even!

Colour: I approached this one with great trepidation. Kala pink, on me?! How could that work? It turned out to be one of my favourites, despite my misgivings. Bright, fun, and made my teeth look very, very white (a lie).

Impression: would defo wear again, maybe would convince me to consider buying some hot pink clothing (?!).

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 – hot pink, hot damn!

“Pandemonium” — Mega Matte


Feel/ Style: Blehhhh. I had a rough time applying this one. I tried, failed, and wiped off the shameful first attempt only to have the second go just as badly. You can see that a lot of the pink in my natural lip colour comes through in the photos, but what’s actually going on there is there are also considerable streaks in the application, too. I newbed this one.

Colour: It’s a pretty, punchy purple! Too bad I couldn’t get that same shade onto my lips.

Impression: This is probably a good lipstick, and I’m just bad at lipstick application, but I was disappointed. Maybe when I visit the East Coast Kala can show me how to do this properly?

Grade: 💄💄/5 to what appeared on my lips, probably higher if I weren’t fumblin’


Feel/ Style: The “Mega Matte” style shades do take slightly more work to apply, but stick around all day!

Colour: Such a perfect, dreamy bright purple. I have bought a couple different purples in the past year and none of them hold a candle to this shade (sorry Kat von D). It is so vibrant! It was a surprise to me because it looks so “royal” purple in the sample pot– but applied much brighter on me (this is one of the shades that I think looks very different on our two complexions).

Impression: The perfect purple! I feel like a queen.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5

“Big Bang” — Metallized


Feel/ Style: I was concerned that this “Metallized” shade would feel sticky, but it glided on and felt nice!

Colour: Heart eyes for days! I just bought MAC’s Amped up shade “XX” and this is fairly similar but somehow has more dimension and has an under colour (it isn’t just a shiny gloss) — a lovely pink (not as bright as “Menace”).

Impression: Felt and looked like a lipstick but had the dazzle of a shimmer gloss. I couldn’t stop looking at my lips.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 So shiny and perfect!


Feel/ Style: Woah. A bit glittery, a bit glimmery, and definitely very very pink – this one has a bit more ‘crunch’ to it from all the pigment and glitter, but was still very comfortable.

Colour: Pictures can’t capture this. I was mesmerized by my own lips. Never have I felt so sparkle princessy!

Impression: I can’t picture many occasions where I’d actually wear this, but I almost don’t care. I wanna prance around and shimmer all over the place.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄💄/5 – Mr. Sparkle!

“Jilted” — Cream


Feel/ Style: Comfortable and sleek, but was gone before too long.

Colour: This was a nice rich pink, closer to the blue-tinged reds than a lot of the others in this set of colours.

Impression: I’d definitely wear this again, but I needed the image above to remember this one. It didn’t stand out, lovely as it was.

Grade: 💄💄💄/5  – fun, fleeting fuchsia (ok not quite but plz alliteration)!


Feel/ Style: UD’s “Cream” shades feel like a dream, but come off over the course of the day.

Colour: A very pretty dark pink with some bright shimmery aspect. It definitely photographed well!

Impression: I think it looks so nice on Cat!  I actually forgot I wore this shade. I rarely wear dark pinks, but it is quite lovely.

Grade: 💄💄/5. Neither bright nor long lasting enough a pink for me, but a gorgeous shade for others (love that shimmer)

“Sheer Anarchy” — Sheer


Feel/ Style: So sheer and glossy. I put way too much on trying to build up the colour.

Colour: It looks like purple on my lips (but not nearly as nice as “Seismic”) but a really pretty pink on Cat’s!

Impression: Blech – forgettable. If you wanted a light pink gloss then this would/ could be a contender based on the colour of your lips, but may look purpley.

Grade: 💄.5/5


Feel/ Style: This was a very moisture-rich, sleek feeling lipstick. I agree with Kala that it was definitely more of a gloss, but it wasn’t sticky or unpleasant in any way.

Colour: Another kind of your lips, but nicer colours for me! Liked it, but the sheerness of the lipstick meant it didn’t stick around long, either.

Impression: I liked this but wouldn’t shell out Urban Decay-level cash for it. I’ve got plenty of pink-y colours in my current arsenal that would do instead.

Grade: 💄💄/5 – pretty pink, but passing

“Firebird” — Cream


Feel/ Style: Lovely, comfortable, and quite pigmented!

Colour: Another nice darker pink, though a bit more vibrant than Jilted. I don’t think I’d wear it often, despite liking it.

Impression: Agree with Kala that this was also kind of forgettable. I appreciate that the 100 shades of lipstick means you get a lot of nuance in your pinks and reds, but my brain only has so much colour-related capacity.

Grade: 💄💄💄/5 – punchy pink!


Feel/ Style: Definitively not a “Cream” lover (for I hate reapplying), but felt nice and smooth.

Colour: I wanted to love this shade based on the sample pot (what a pretty magenta!) but it applied much lighter and didn’t really do it for me. Also, I love th at this shade looks on Cat – so sassy!

Impression: If it wasn’t one of the final shades I tried, I would likely forget this shade.

Grade: 💄💄/5

“Psycho” — Comfort Matte


Feel/ Style: I love me a “Comfort Matte”! Creamy and long lasting! So glad to finish with this style of lipstick.

Colour: You can’t tell from the sample pot but “Psycho” has a lovely golden shimmer to it! It is a dark pinkish red shimmery dream.

Impression: Loved it way more than I thought I would. I would probably seal it with a clear gloss to amp up the shimmer aspect.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5


Feel/ Style: Very comfortable, as per usual with this style of lipstick/formula/what-have-you. Later on in the day, some of the shimmer was a bit crispy, though.

Colour: I was prepared to not like this one that much, seeing as it just looked fairly standard lipstick-y in the pot. But when I caught a glance in the mirror and saw the shimmer, I changed my mind. It’s like a unicorn!

Impression: Almost iridescent! Very cool. Not likely a good ‘day’ lipstick but would be very fun for the right occasion.

Grade: 💄💄💄💄/5 – reminds me of gas in puddles of water in the street, but in a GOOD way

Top 2 Shades:

Kala: It is a three-way tie for me between “Menace”, “Pandemonium”, and “Big Bang”. I loved this entire sample palette so much!

Cat: Big Bang  for sure! And Menace 🙂

Final Thoughts on ALL 24 Shades + Top 4 Shades:

Kala: I loved doing this beauty experiment with Cat. One of my favourite Skype dates with Cat (long distance bestie issues) involved us trying on each and every lipstick we owned for each other and sharing our thoughts.  This felt like sitting in a bedroom and playing with a tonne of lipstick shades trying to find your shade, like in that Mad Men episode “Babylon”, except without the horrible, misogynistic two-way mirror aspect. I have devised some “awards” for the lipsticks.

Cat: Haha, yes! Totally like the Mad Men lipstick “basket of kisses” episode. I’ll throw in my thoughts for these awards too.

Top 4 Shades:

Kala – So, so, so difficult to decide. “Disturbed”, “Pandemonium”, “Big Bang”, and “ZZ”. A little of everything for me — dark cherry, burgundy; bright purple; pink and glittery; bright, light pink.

Cat -OK. Naked and EZ. You know how I know? I bought them yesterday. But there were so many others that were high up on the list. Then…Blackmail, and maybe Big Bang? It was sparklier than I’ve ever seen in a lipstick.

Runner ups:

Kala – Aka the award I would come up with to include more winners! “Menace”, “Blackmail”.

Cat – I can respect that award category. For me, I’d say Rocksteady and Menace. Sorry, Menace – always the bridesmaid’s lipstick, never the bride’s.

Most surprising:

Kala – “Snitch” and “Psycho” — for reasons previously noted — bright, light, summery coral and the surprisingly pink/red with warm golden shimmer.

Cat – I actually completely agree with this! No further comments 🙂

Favourite red:

Kala -“Rocksteady”. I thought I was going to love “Gash” or “714” but Rocksteady definitely won out!

Cat – EZ, actually. I always thought that cause I have cool-toned skin (blue veins??) a blue-based red was the best for me. Turns out I like the orange tones of this one for really popping. WHAT DO. But Rocksteady was also fantastic.

Favourite and least favourite “style”:

Kala – I loved the “Comfort Matte” style and really didn’t like the “Creams” (they didn’t have the dimension of the “Metallized” shades or glossy fun of the “Sheer shades”).

Cat – I also liked Comfort Matte. It’s very long-wearing yet also pretty moist, all things considered. But I also really liked the Cream formula. Fight me, Kala! 😀 Least favourite for me was Mega Matte. I have dry, thin, kinda wrinkly lips, so this formula just made me feel blech. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a wise lipstick aficionado (only a newb) so it was hard to apply.

Least favourite 4:

Kala – “Stark Naked” (too orange and looked much like clay), “Gubby” (felt a little too icy), “Amulet” (90s blech without the copper tones of “Conspiracy”) and “Sheer Anarchy” (not pink or purple enough- no shimmer).

Cat – UGH. Amulet, Conspiracy, and Stark Naked were rough for me. That’s definitely the colours doing the work of failure there. But I also didn’t like Pandemonium because I wanted it to be so much more purple than it turned out.

Most forgettable:

Kala – Aka when I looked at the full palette which shades did I entirely forget about (because they didn’t do anything for me). “Backtalk”, “Rapture”, “Manic”, and “Firebird”.

Cat – The ones whose names I haven’t retained long enough to write this list?!? (Sigh – looked them up. Rapture, Firebird, Seismic, and Jilted).

Favourite from each sample palette on Cat:

Kala – I think she can rock all the shades but I particularly loved “Naked” (she looks like a goddess) and “EZ” (orange reds make her look phenomenal), and “Jilted” (her skin looks so perfect and her eyes look so green!).

Favourite from each sample palette on Kala:

Cat – From the nudes, definitely ZZ. It’s like a candy Barbie went to grad school! 😀 From the reds, Disturbed – this makes Kala look like a badass femme fatale. And from the pinks/purples, I think Seismic is actually my favourite (!?!). It looks like the epitome of summery Kala, having just been eating a delicious pile of fresh berries (but faked)!


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