Fall Capsule Debrief and Winter Capsule Planning

I’m back after a long hiatus — aka working five part-time jobs for the past semester.

I have been working the kinks out of my Winter Capsule, which I am excited to debut! I followed the usual steps outlined in my How To post. However, I wanted to do a quick debrief of my Fall Capsule, which involved four steps:

1. Go over the stats

I went through all of my #ootd posts on Instagram and wrote out the items in each outfit as well as the number of ❤️s and comments. I scrolled through my monthly favourites posts and determined a few things: colours that complemented my new hair colour were super loved by my community (burgundy, rust, and purples), embellished items tended to get more comments (“what a cute, sparkly sweater”), and the outfits that included form-fitting silhouettes tended to get more ❤️ (I am planning a couple posts about dressing in and out of your comfort zone this winter). I wrote these factors down and kept them in mind during the planning phase of my Winter Capsule.

2. (P)inspiration! 

I went through a tonne of pins on Pinterest to create my Winter Capsule board. I didn’t have any strong ideas in mind, but rather pinned outfits I liked (based on colour, silhouette, textures, etc). After my board had quite a few pins, I went through and wrote out the colours I am most drawn to this season (forest green, grey, black with bright red accents), silhouettes (pencil and circle skirts with turtlenecks or sweaters), and textures (embroidery, sequins, and knits topped my list). 


3. To Store, To Clean, To Fix, or To Donate

I went through my Fall Capsule items to see if anything fit my needs for my Winter Capsule: I ended up keeping quite a few of the black pieces, a couple sweaters, one green dress, one white faux shearling cardigan, and my red and black pencil skirt. Then I went through what remained and either carefully packed it up for storage until the Fall, or I moved pieces into tote bags for dry cleaning, sewing ripped seams, or other fixes. I took the few items that did not resonate with me during the Fall Capsule (five pieces total) and put them in a tote bag to donate to charity. 

4. Shopping List!

After I did the last few steps, I came up with a short shopping list of no more than five items (I will only buy an item if I donate an item in its place) that I thought would help round out my Winter Capsule. I knew I wanted a thicker knit sweater with elbow patches (most of the sweaters I moved to storage or donated are light-weight Summer-Fall transition pieces), a statement jacket (I only have one Winter coat and it is heavy and thick — I knew I wanted an outerwear piece that wasn’t quite as heavy-duty that made more of a statement than my  black rain-trench), since I was including more separates, I knew I wanted another skirt that was not black. I’ve left space for two more items in case I don’t love one of the items I have selected (I usually do a one-month test — anything I haven’t worn once in that initial month gets sorted and I may introduce a new piece I’v purchased or from storage if I decide to donate the item in question). 

One more note, as a Haligonian, I am moving away from having a dedicated Spring Capsule since Spring is usually only the end of April into May (cue transition pieces from Winter to Summer Capsules). Therefore, my Winter Capsule will be a four-month endeavour, just like my Fall Capsule was (which also aligns nicely with the university semester model), and will include 40 items. 

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