10×10 Days Six & Nine

I’ve decided to post about four of my final looks in pairs. This post is going to take up my Gap button-up shirt with a star pattern.

Unlike Day Three of this 10×10 challenge, when I wore this shirt tucked into my pleather circle skirt, these two looks are all about layering.

For Day Six I knew that I wanted to mix prints and specifically highlight my hand-made Star Wars bow tie.

I love bow ties and have been itching to break one out — being confined to black and white pieces for this challenge, I contemplated throwing on my floral, hot pink, or blue patterned bow ties, but ultimately decided it would be more fun to stay completely black and white.

Because of the patterns up top, I decided to go with my Banana Republic black dress with pleather details, my pleather leggings and black heels to balance everything else.

However, true to my magpie tendencies, I had to throw on some bling!

I went with this simple studded bow headband that I picked up from a Claires once upon a time and my pearl studs. I was feeling very Blaise meets Chuck from Gossip Girl. And while you can’t quite see my makeup, I went with gorgeous pink and purple eyeshadow shades and blotted down my Cruella lipstick.

I struggled a bit when I was planning Day Nine; I felt like I was running out of steam and layering options. I had a long dissertation day ahead, so I knew I would ‘t be particularly comfortable in just my crop top and pleather circle skirt. And to throw on any of my sweaters would be too close to my other looks. I layered the crop top over the button-up shirt and switched up the styling so it wouldn’t feel too similar to Day Six. 

I liked the scoop neckline of the crop top over the shirt and the slight volume of the skirt. I tried to keep the styling streamlined but was definitely feeling Harry Potter vibes (the star pattern reminds me of the chapter titles ) so I decided to play those up.

Check out these super cute earrings featuring the Harry Potter stars here (Etsy).

I put on my Casio watch with the star hand, which I’ve blogged about here, and put on my fantastic Harry Potter and the  Philosopher’s Stone book earrings (they have actual pages!)

I straightened my hair for the day (as opposd to waves I worked on Day Six). I also used my new Kat von D x  Too Faced palette to do a bit of a smokey eye (something I don’t tend to do) and decided to try my Fierce Magenta lip gloss without a base lipstick underneath. I really liked its lightly pigmented chrome/metallic shine.

So which way do you prefer the button-up shirt styled?

Shop the look:

NARS Cruella matte lip pencil  

FierceMagenta “Nuria” gloss

Claire’s headband: old, but find similar here (Etsy)

The Vault pearl studs

Inspyred Creations Harry Potter book earrings: old, but find similar here (Etsy)

Kat von D x Too Faced Better Together eyeshadow palette


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