10×10 Day 10 & Recap

I am going to tackle two things in this post: a breakdown of what I wore on day 10 and then I am going to answer 10 questions about the Winter 10×10 challenge 🙂

By day ten I was so tired of wearing these ten pieces,  but I kept my easiest, most comfortable look for the end. This pleather pleated circle skirt is so easy to wear with its elastic waist. I paired it with my grey, knit sweater with sequins.

I love wearing this sweater but upon reviewing the 100 photos B took, I realized I really hated how it looks in photos. Its high-low style was a selling point but seems to highlight my mid section if I am turned at all sideways. I was so disappointed — no matter what B said I couldn’t get excited about this sweater. When I first bought this gorgeous Vero Moda sweater B expressed that it had a way of making me look square — I blew this off as him not understanding the oversized sweater style. Plus, I was so dazzled and charmed by the sequins.

Because I was so tired, I kept the styling simple and focussed on my fishtail braid and red lipstick.

Day ten taught me that I need to pay closer attention to proportions. It isn’t that I hate this sweater, but rather that I hate the way this voluminous sweater looks with a high-waisted pleated skirt. 

We’re so over it!

10×10 Recap Questions

First of all, let me thank Lee (Style Bee) and Caroline (UnFancy) for hosting such a fun challenge that helped break up my winter blues! 

So, what did I wear? Check out my first winter 10×10 post to see a breakdown of my ten items and each daily post for a Shop the Look section. Here are my ten outfits! 

1. Were the outfits wealthier appropriate?  Yes. I found the only day I was slightly chilly was day eight when I layered my sweater with my blazer. I ended up wearing my heavy winter coat to top it off. Next winter, I may try featuring my winterized outdoor versions in addition to what I wore inside, like Style Bee. I wore a super cute white hat for day seven and wish I had gotten nicer photos of it!

2. What about laundry? I did laundry as necessary. The Frank+Oak sweater, Gap button-up shirt and American Apparel leggings were the only items I can remember needing to wash.

3. Did you sub anything in or out? A couple of times I subbed a grey or white tee under my sweaters instead of my velvet crop top. Not sorry!

4. Did the challenge make you rethink any items? As discussed above, the challenge made me rethink my grey sequin sweater and proportions. It also made me appreciate my metallic wool dress — this was an item I hadn’t been wearing much that was on the chopping block not to make the cut for my winter capsule; however, the two outfits I wore it in changed my mind — it is sticking around. Also, here is a shot of it unlayered (love those pockets).

5. Favourite items? Definitely the Frank+Oak sweater and the Gap button-up. I ended up wearing these two pieces the most and really loved styling them so many different ways.

6. Which outfit was most outside of your comfort zone? Definitely day three’s outfit: the tights with grey sequinned sweater. As I discussed in the blog post, that day definitely made me feel vulnerable without a skirt or dress.

7. What did you learn about your personal style? I think I learned how much I love a button up shirt (especially with a bow tie). I love mixing masculine pieces (but not pants, which can be challenging) with very feminine silhouettes and textures (silver embroidery anyone)?

On a similar note, I learned that black and white, although not my favourites, are a fantastic stage for accessories, bold lipsticks, and fun hairstyles.

8. What would you do differently next time? This time I didn’t include my two pairs of shoes in my ten items — next time I would challenge myself to lose one or two pieces (maybe only one skirt/dress) and work with eight items.

9. Which outfit got the most ❤️ on Instagram? The top outfit was also my favourite! Day six  checked all of my personal style boxes: feminine dress with a little edge ✅ button up top buttoned all the way up ✅ gorgeous accessory: bow tie ✅ bold lip ✅ fun hair style: headband with loose waves ✅

Runner up, however, really surprised me! People really loved the tights and sequinned sweater look.

Least favourite was day ten, which doesn’t surprise me — I wasn’t feeling it either.

Favourite item according to comments on Instagram was my embroidered pug sweater which I also love so very much! 

10.  What’s next? I have made the final cuts and will be posting my Winter Capsule this week — stay tuned for what I will be wearing until mid May (hello, Halifax winter).

My pal Cat is going to pick my outfits for the next week! We did this collaboration last year and it really opened my mind up to some of my favourite items and ways of styling pieces. Read through our experiment last year in preparation for this year!

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