Cat’s Capsule Takeover Days 1&2

It’s that time again: my lovely pal Cat (@frootyon) chose my outfits for seven days! It was so much fun! I wanted to do a recap like last time (check it out here and give you mine and Cat’s perspectives on each look.👯

Day One: Romantic Celebrity Style

Inspo: After Cat gave me my directions I spent some time developing a Pinterest board to help me work through the ideas. For this look, I pinned the following:

What Cat envisioned: I thought of this look as a sort of Valentine’s Day hangover – take all of the pink, saccharine, love-centered imagery, and let it sit out for a day or two to get worn at the edges. It’s the ‘day after being stood up for Valentine’s Day date’ vibe: romance, yes, but also darkness. Maybe you slept in the makeup for your date. Maybe you listened to some seriously angsty music and are channeling those feelings.

What I wore: To pull off Cat’s vision I paired my Teaberry dress with my lace-up ankle boots. I straightened the crap out of my hair (it looks so long!), and worked my best purple smokey eye. Cat also suggested I add this gold statement necklace.

Kala’s thoughts: I was more than happy to kick off the week with this look — it was right up my alley. I often wear this dress. What made this look special was Cat’s styling. I have always worn this dress with tights, so bare legs with tough boots made me feel a bit dangerous. I fell in love with the hair and makeup. I love Gwyneth’s style and felt so shiny and polished sporting centre-parted, straightened hair. The smokey purple eye was soft and dramatic and I kept lipstick light pink with NARS “Meritage.” The statement necklace pulled the focus up from the water colour ombré effect and kept it around my hair and face. To top it off, my partner, B, loved this look (it was his favourite from the week), and when I asked him which celeb it was inspired by he knew it was Gwyneth. Homerun Cat!

Cat’s thoughts: 🙂 I was so happy to hear that this worked so well! (Obviously it did, as you can see from the pictures). I like how the dress has a gradient of florals, and how the boots and straightened hair provided the edge I wanted from the look. It’s smokey, it’s sultry, but it still has the touches of romance to guide from Valentine’s Day to the week of the challenge.


Day Two: Sixties Sexy

Inspo: I could post hundreds of Mad Men photos, but I tried to narrow it down to two.

What Cat envisioned: Last time we did a style challenge where I got to pick Kala’s outfits, she had blonde hair! You go red? You get to try Joan. That time had come for Kala, and her figure is perfect for it. Plus, a large part of Joan’s look comes from her complexion, which Kala shares, so I essentially just wanted Kala to channel Joan in polish, attitude, and ambition.

What I wore: My Katrina Tuttle dress was the key item for this look. I added my Joe Fresh cardigan, heels, and lovely “Renoir Girl” brooch to play up the 60s feel. Some red lipstick and teased hair go a long way!

Kala’s thoughts: While I worried that I missed the modern aspect of this look, it was so much fun to dress up. Again, Cat pushed me outside of my comfort zone to bare my legs. Seeing the pictures shocked me — holy hourglass. This was already my favourite LBD but seeing the silhouette sans leggings has me rethinking ever wearing leggings with this dress! I had forgotten about this cardigan until I pulled it out of storage for my Winter Capsule. I added the brooch for that big accessory feel. The hairstyle was also a push — I’ve never teased my hair before. It felt crazy but was fun to sculpt. I watched a few 60s eye makeup tutorials (I’ve linked my favourite one here) and used a matte white shade as my base layer, and boy did it ever help define my eyes. Red lipstick is my favourite, but I took the vblogger’s suggestion and used an orange-based red: Bite Beauty’s “Mimosa.” Feelin’ this look!

Cat’s thoughts: I agree! My favourite parts of how this turned out were the makeup, as you can see in the last picture from the set above, and the leggingless silhouette. Kala’s eyes look so bright and hypnotic in the photo, like she could walk into Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and handle the bullshit they’d inevitably throw at her. And though I know I’d seen the dress before in Kala’s outfits, I don’t think it had really stood out before. By keeping the styling bare legged, you can see the shape of the dress that much better. Of course, not SUPER practical in Canadian winters, but it looks fantastic!

Stay tuned for Days 3&4 ❤️

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