Cat’s Capsule Takeover Days 3,4&5

Picking up from last post, we are recapping three more of the looks Cat styled for me!

Day Three: Double Pleather

Cat’s Vision: One of the things Kala and I have discussed before is how frequently people refer to her style as ‘cute.’ Being short, young, blonde, and female, as well as having a disability certainly all play into that. What I wanted to do with this look was push out of cute into full-on Regina George ~*bitchy*~. Kala does not want you to sit with her. Kala’s not even going to school today. She’s got better plans, riding up the shore on her partner’s motorcycle and she doesn’t fucking care if you like it.

Inspo: I really picked up and ran with the wine lips and green pleather.

What I wore: Brocade mini-skirt with pleather trim, embellished collared button-up tank, Steve Madden green pleather moto jacket and faux suede, snakeskin oxfords.

My thoughts: The bare leg streak continues! Although I am only 5’2″, this mini-skirt makes my legs look hella long! At first I was a bit unhappy with how thick I looked (goodbye hour-glass silhouette of yesterday), but I look tough as fuck (I mean have you seen my pony tail flip?). This lipstick is Kat von D’s “Exorcism” and is one of my go-tos for Fall/Winter. I have never worn this deep of a lipstick with green before (usually I do royal purple and turquoise-y green) and am super into it! Love love love that embellished collar, and very covered up top paired with the mini-skirt. Also, check out my cute Dino earrings!

Cat’s thoughts: Hells yes. I concur that this looks tough, and I especially love the attitude in the hair-flip picture. That was what I was going for, even if I didn’t exactly specify that pose. It reminds me of Faith from Buffy, before she got angsty enough for the audience to start to feel sorry for her. High ponytails really play into the 90s nostalgia that’s been ever-present these days. And the short skirt really works!


Day Four: Almost Over-the-top Boho

Cat’s Vision: I wanted to give Kala a breather here. I’d been getting aggressive in the choices I was making, so I wanted to calm down, offer some chill. And one of the cardigans in Kala’s capsule reminded me of Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, so I crammed as many boho stereotypes into one prompt as I could.

Inspo: Almost  Famous/ modern hippy or boho chic

What I wore: TOMS faux shearling/ metallic slippers, Chocolate USA gold lac skirt, Maurices sheer white cross-cross strap top, and faux-shearling Reitman’s sweater.

My thoughts: Over-the-top fun! I *never* go boho — as in I bought one floral midi, boho-styled dress in 2010 hated how it looked and gave up — and Cat pushed me to go there. I knew that this skirt has a short liner but had not worn it sans tights before: what a fun effect! Slippers were super comfy (I threw on purple ankle boots when I went to campus and seriously lament not snapping a photo for comparison). The white and cream mismatch on top was not ideal (I wish I had another cream coloured top) but Cat worked with what I had in my Capsule wardrobe (aka structured tops). The only thing I wasn’t feeling were my hair and makeup. I went for the bare-faced look. I tried to get my hair to do soft waves but it reacted poorly to the blizzard temps, fell flat, and then frizzed. This Headbands for Hope number was all I could use to keep its Hermione-pouf in check. Glitzy and many textured, this number made me reconsider my ability  to pull off boho (and it was my instagram fam’s favourite by the numbers!).

Cat’s thoughts: I’ll echo Kala here and say I had no idea her skirt had a semi-see through bit. That was a pleasant surprise, because it brought in more depth and texture to the look. I actually like the white + cream for the top—it looks like the fringe on Kate Hudson’s coat next to the white top she has on—but I get to watch the outfits from afar and didn’t have to actually live in them. I was quite nervous about these suggestions I gave, since I wasn’t sure if it would work together and I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing I’d change would be to take off the headband and let the hair fly as it wanted to! (Again, easier for me to say than for Kala to do).


Day Five: Pops of Colour!

Cat’s Vision: Day Five was my contrarian heart’s return to ‘cute.’ I wanted this look to be an unironic journey back into the funnest things you can throw together into one outfit. Think cyberpunk drawn in the style of neon Adventure Time characters.

Inspo: Brightly- coloured eye shadow and preppy pigtails

What I wore: Reworking items from my 10×10 (read more about it here): black leggings, Vero Moda pleather circle skirt, Gap button-up, H&M pug sweater, and Asics rainbow, children’s sneakers.

My thoughts: Although I had worn these exact items on a Days Two and Four of the 10×10 challenge, I loved how Cat breathed new life into the look with super fun styling. I just bought these new kicks and was so excited that Cat asked for me to throw on a pair of sneakers. While I was disappointed in my eye makeup which did not pop the way I wanted it to (but gave me a fantastic excuse to shop Sephora’s water liner colours — get them here), I loved popping on a hot pink lipstick (Sephora’s “I’ll lead”) and trying out some preppy pigtails. Not as dramatic of a look as some of Cat’s other picks, but super fun none-the-less! 

Cat’s thoughts: Yes, fun!

Next post we’ll cover Days 6&7 as well as our final thoughts❤️

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