Cat’s Capsule Takeover Days 6&7 and Final Thoughts

Last two looks coming right up! Be sure to stick through to the end to find out our final thoughts.

Day Six: Bardot Babe

Cat’s Vision: For this look, I knew I wanted to have Kala wear her nice green dress (one I covet unabashedly). Now, what if she wore it in a very glamorous, feminine way, but with something slightly strange about it? Cue Brigitte Bardot from outer space. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s a reptilian overlord sent to destroy your self esteem.

Inspo: Bouffants and green lipstick

What I wore: My Yumi green dress and black heels!

My thoughts: Dreamy green lips plus bouffanted hair makes me feel like a badass villain! I love this dress so much,  but have never pushed it in this direction before. I was also hesitant to Bardot-up my eye makeup, based on a disastrous experience of over-lining my eye back in UG. The heels felt classy, the hair felt bed-head sexy, the eye-makeup dramatic, and the lipstick futuristic. Wham, bam, thank you m’am.

Cat’s thoughts: Yessss. Poison Ivy. Our Reptilian Saviour Brigitte Bardot. The Secret Sexy Slytherin Ghost. This outfit feels like a delightful convergence of all these things. If Kala were in a spy movie, she’d be the one who shoots a poisoned dart into Bond’s neck from the corner of a smoky lounge after flirting with him. The audience would see her, know she was up to something, but still not be able to look away. This is as planned.


Day Seven: Pin-up Polka dots

Cat’s Vision: I continued to lean further into my retro feelings from the past look, and moved into the realm of Grease. There’s lots of black in Kala’s capsule for this winter, but I wanted it to pop, maybe with a little red scarf accent and some styling that took her outside the usual silhouettes she had.

Inspo: Neck scarves and red lips galore

What I wore: Those work-horse black heels, Modcloth polka dot skirt, homemade velvet crop top, and a diy neck scarf.

My thoughts: I was a little nervous about wearing two close-fitting items of clothes together, but once again I was pleasantly surprised. I should know by now that I like my body shape, but seeing it so revealed in this retro-inspired pin-up look made me celebrate it all the more! I also super enjoyed the jaunty neck scarf and the messy half-pinned up hair. My favourite part of the makeup was not the super winged eyeliner but the ombred lipstick (trying to mix pin-up up with 2017 trends) which I created using Kat von D “Slayer”, NARS “Cruella”, and Bite Beauty “Mimosa” Gloss.

Cat’s thoughts: Yes! I loved the pattern of the skirt combined with the solid black top, as well as the form-fitting silhouette for this outfit. I do think Kala tends to choose one item to be form fitting, if anything, so I wanted this to push back at that impulse. I really like how it turned out! Kala’s idea to blend lipsticks together wasn’t something I could have thought of, but also had a great finish. And the pin-up vibes are great! I wonder if a more victory-roll or sculpted hairstyle would compete with an outfit like this or complement it? Only next style challenge will tell 😉


Final Thoughts

Fav Inspo?

K: 60s. I went all in and had a blast doing bouffant hair, eye makeup and adding small details, like that brooch and an orange-based lipstick!

C: Not to be too self-congratulatory, but I really liked reptilian Bardot.

Least Successful Look?

K: Although the sneakers and pigtails were fun, I was tired of the clothes and really let myself down with my eyeshadow technique (I need to buy some new neons).

C: I’d agree, though not because of the eyeshadow, but because I think I played it too safe. This was a cute look, and intentionally cute, but I could see Kala choosing these things on her own sometime for a walk in the park. And the point of this challenge is to do new things!

Most Surprised By?

K: How much I loved that high-ponied, tough covered-up, wine lipped, leggy, double pleather look! I will definitely be revisiting this idea! I was also very surprised by the IG response to the boho look, which I was nervous about. Thanks for all the lovely support.

C: I don’t even knowww. So many good things! I wouldn’t say I’m surprised at this stage, but I’m consistently impressed by how nicely things come together when Kala executes on these ideas I come up with. It’s like, sure I can think of something, but it’s always better in real life than in my head.

Fav Makeup?

K: Bardot all the way! I usually don’t consider my eyes striking, but lining them and winging with soft eyeshadow, as opposed to my go-to Kat von D liquid liner, made them look unusual and oh so gray. Also, green lipstick is a total win in my books — thanks for the excuse to break it out again, Cat!

C: No prob! I’d say it’s a tie between the makeup for the 60s look, which was classic and glamorous and pretty, and the Bardot look, which was more intentionally jarring and striking.

Top Look?

K: I really enjoyed the pin-up style day! And the Bardot day! And the Mad Men day! 90s Head cheerleader day! Basically, any day where Cat made me feel like the coolest character in a novel or film was a total 10/10 for me! It was super fun to push these retro inspirations to try to be modern at the same time. I also have a new appreciation for my silhouette and for a girl who often feels trapped by the “cute” label, I felt fierce all day!

C: I cannae choose. If I must, I’ll go with Bardot, but a close second is the pleather on pleather one. I think Kala very successfully moved away from cute in a lot of these looks!

Final Comments

K: Cat’s suggested outfits highlighted my legs and gave me a chance to play wth some new makeup looks! I am usually quite conservative with baring my legs, but these looks were so much fun — I’m going to ditch the leggings more often now that spring is around the corner! I am looking forward to styling Cat this upcoming week, starting my #loveyourlipstick challenge and future style collaborations with my lovely Cat! 

C: Yes, Kala—get those stems out! (Whenever the Maritimes start cooperating with spring, so likely June, right?) This was another fun challenge, and I’m looking forward to talking about the outfits Kala has chosen for me that I’ve been wearing this week. What I particularly liked about this round of challenge was that we were able to learn from the first one and build off it. For instance, I loved Kala wearing black lipstick in the first style challenge we did, so I was more willing to take risks this time around. Worth it! I’m eagerly anticipating what bold moves I can trick myself into making next time 🙂

Stay tuned for my choices for Cat next week!

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